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PYO arquitectos
Calle rodríguez san pedro 2, 10ª planta, oficina 1006, 28015 madrid
+34 91 0120747
[email protected]
Paul Galindo Pastre, Architect, ETSAM, partner director
Ophélie Herranz Lespagnol, Architect, ETSAM, partner director
Héctor Rivera Bajo, Architect, UAH
Eleonora Lo Buono, Student, AAM

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Casa Tmolo: A Small Residency In Spain From PYO Arquitectos

Casa Tmolo: A Small Residence In Spain From PYO Arquitectos

Casa Tmolo used to be a neglected farmer house in a deplorable, half-ruined state before architects from PYO Arquitectos bureau turned it into the charming out-of town residence. They changed the main house and granary to the modern constructions.

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