Modern country house by Engineforce Architect bureau

Engineforce Architect bureau has created a unique design of a country house in South Korea. The house belongs to a family of three.

Ocean Eye: The Tropical Manor by The Ocean

The Benjamin Garcia Saxe project studio has introduced the Ocean Eye manor, built on the beach in Costa Rica. A family recently purchased a beautiful land plot by the ocean, surrounded by the tropical jungles.

The Tiny Apartment in Paris

This small apartment in Paris has only 30 sq. meters. It was designed by Richard Gilbert, the architect. This space used to be dark, yet modern renovation has changed the interior specifically for a young ambitious couple.

The Mill Project: A Rest House Inside an Old Mill

WT Architecture company has put in life the project called The Mill at Great Britain. An old mill of 150 sq. meters remained intact among abandoned household outbuildings at the picturesque valley.

S.V. House in Spain from A-cero

Architects of the A-cero studio have implemented the project of a modern residence called S.V. House in Seville, Spain.

Chez Marie-Sixtine: The Apartment for Guests In Marie Sixtine Store

The joint Chez Marie-Sixtin project from Sandrine Place studio and Baptiste Legué architect bureau is a small apartment located right at the center of Paris. It is located at the upper level of Marie Sixtine store and intended for special guests of this shop.

Fashion Colors In The Interior In 2016

The members of the Pantone scientific center create new color solutions for interiors each year, focusing on the fashion trends. This article will provide you a brief description of...

A fantastic hotel Dragonfly in Swedish by Rintala Eggertsson Architects Company

The hotel called Dragonfly was implemented in the mountains of the northern Sweden by Rintala Eggertsson Architects and was named for its shape.

Casa Golf House: The Project Of Luciano Kruk Arquitectos In Argentina

Original country house called Casa Golf is located at the elite Costa Esmeralda town, Pinamar, not far from Buenos Aires (Argentina) and constructed upon the project of Luciano Kruk Arquitectos.

Out-Of-Town Villa In New Zealand Upon The Project Of Daniel Marshall Architects Studio

Interior is performed in minimalism style. Large spacious premises, their laconic and functional character, are the main villa’s advantages. Large glass spaces and dark metal constructions are softened by warm wooden finishing and soft texture of the interior design.

Luxurious Seven-Star Hotel At The Picturesque Private Laucala Island In The Pacific Ocean

Outstanding coconut plantations, volcanic mountains, coral reefs and jungles have been perfectly combined with 25 luxurious and exquisite villas, and thus created unique paradise for romantic rest.

The Residence In Costa Rica: A Jоan Puigcorbé`s Project

This luxurious house in Costa Rica is constructed by the Jоan Puigcorbé studio and occupies 651 sq meters. All bedrooms are located along the perimeter; thus the central area is opened and perfect for a social zone.

Slice: The Tiny Rest House in Norway

The Slice project was developed by Saunders Architecture company and is located in Norway. This small house occupies only 15 sq. meters.

Vedbaek House II: The Renovated House In Denmark From Norm Architects

Vedbaek House II project was performed by Norm Architects studio and is a plain private house at the coastal area, north of Copenhagen. The fisherman`s cottage, constructed at the beginning of XX century has been renovated and decorated in the minimalism style.

The Private Residence On The Bahamas From Chad Oppenheim

The Private Residency On The Bahamas From Chad Oppenheim 28
Chad Oppenheim is an architect, who worked with Michael Bay (the famous film director) and created projects for Pharrell. He has introduced this spacious residence on the Bahamas.

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