The Arabic style is rich and luxurious.
The essential elements of the interior were windows which were closed by bars carved from fine plaster or wood. Such windows created a subtle light effect in the room. The single or double window openings were frequently overlapping by arches. Also, they were located mainly in the upper part of the walls. A very flat arch motifs were used for the design during facing the walls. The bottom part of the wall surfaces in the form of the panel was coated with a thin ornamentation.

The Arabian ornament that is called arabesques was consisted of the involved decorative motifs in the form of a grid. They had a geometric and stylized plant character with the addition of labels and different canonized handwritings. Human images were forbidden by Muslim religion.

In the architecture Arabs used the following decorative materials: stucco, alabaster, carved wood, figured bricks, marble, cut stones, tiles, faience, glass mosaic, marble mosaic, paintings, inlay of precious wood types and ivory.

Carved wood wares had reached perfection. Arabs have begun to use valuable species of wood and wood mosaic compositions. They enchased not only pieces of wood, but the ivory too.

The furniture wasn’t numerous. The main decorations in the dwellings were deep wooden sofas, ottomans covered with carpets fabrics and fluffy pillows, low coffee tables and ordinary tables sometimes in the form of the polygon shape – hexagon or octagon. Wooden legs, backs, and arm rests were handled with using of various geometric ornamental motifs which are typical for Arab culture. The ogival flat arch has occupied the most prominent place among them. There were other types of furniture like chests, storage shelves, and screens. Wall niches with doors were used as wardrobes.

The incrustation was used in the high quality furniture, particularly with the addition of the ivory, pearl, and bright colored ornamental parts.

The carpets with fine involved ornaments played an important role in the Arabic style decor.

Also, dishes had an essential meaning in the decoration of the houses. There were various forms of pitchers, painted faience, bowls, and other wares made of ceramics or metal stamping.

Arabic Interior Design Style

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