Enchanting hypnotic perspectives, overlapping graphics and bright colours with a strong visual impact, fluid forms that appear to change and reshape depending on the point of view: these are the characteristics of some new products launched by Bonaldo in 2016.

bonaldo doppler sideboard 02 giuseppe vigano

Doppler, the collection designed by Giuseppe Viganò and comprising coffee tables and new sideboards, features a kaleidoscope of shapes and bright colours. A charming sequence of rings dazzle those who observe Hulahoop, the original table by Alessandro Busana. Looking in the New Perspective Mirror, designed by Alain Gilles, gives the observer the impression of diving into a new perspective. Last but not least, the Nikos armchair, designed by Sergio Bicego, adds a touch of fresh originality to the most diverse settings thanks to the graphic design on the upholstery which is distinguished by lines that chase each other and cross one another, in a mesmerising rainbow of colours.

bonaldo doppler sideboard 01 giuseppe vigano bonaldo doppler sideboard 03 giuseppe vigano bonaldo doppler sideboard 04 giuseppe vigano bonaldo doppler sideboard 05 giuseppe vigano bonaldo hulahoop 01 alessandro busana bonaldo hulahoop 02 alessandro busana bonaldo hulahoop 03 alessandro busana bonaldo hulahoop 04 alessandro busana bonaldo new perspective mirror 01 alain gilles bonaldo new perspective mirror 02 alain gilles bonaldo new perspective mirror 03 alain gilles bonaldo nikos 01 sergio bicego bonaldo nikos 02 sergio bicego