Bonaldo, company specialized in the production of furniture and interior design items and celebrating its 80th anniversary this year, presents its new products in a restyled exhibition space at the 2016 edition of the Salone del Mobile. The products and the charming architecture surrounding them reflect the very essence of Bonaldo, casting the company in a light marked with progress and evolution that reinforces the brand’s ability to interpret the future.

Bonaldo’s new products are displayed in a booth (Hall 5, Booth F11-G06) designed by Mauro Lipparini and inspired by the architectural features of Japanese interiors. The clear Oriental influence merges with a Western spirit, in constant pursuit of atmospheres with a bold personality.

Bonaldo Lamina 02 Mauro Lipparini

© Bonaldo

The exterior walls consist of a filigree pattern with wooden sticks that are graphically arranged vertically, back-lit to further emphasise the architectural intensity. The large glass walls liaise with the graphic system of the booth structure, generating a very intense overall impact: the same graphic connotation, expressed in a different way, can also be found inside the booth.

Bonaldo Doppler Sideboard 02 Giuseppe Vigano© Bonaldo

To celebrate its 80th anniversary, Bonaldo gave designer Alain Gilles the task of summing up all the brand’s key values into a single product. This is how he came up with the Mass Table, characterized by a glass or solid wood table top and a metal base, which is made light-weight and harmonious thanks to the tubular shape of its components, a clear reference to Bonaldo’s origins as a company specialized in metal processing for the furniture industry.

Bonaldo Mass Table 02 Alain Gilles© Bonaldo

The booth display comprises further products conceived by Alain Gilles, such as the New Perspective Mirror, which features a special game of perspectives, and also the Frame Sideboard.

Bonaldo New Perspective Mirror 01 Alain Gilles© Bonaldo

Gino Carollo designed the stylish Amond table, which is characterized by an original base that recalls the outline of a diamond. A direct emanation of the table, the namesake console, also mirrors the shape of this table. Carollo also designed the AX table and the namesake console, which owe their name to the peculiar “X” shape of the base.

Bonaldo Amond 03 Gino Carollo© Bonaldo

Mauro Lipparini extended the Blazer family of seats, supplementing it with a sofa. The products devised by this designer also include the Tratto sideboard and the Flute and Lamina chairs, comprising two slabs of shaped emery-leather and also available in the stool version, Lamina too.

Bonaldo Blazer Sofa 01 Mauro Lipparini© Bonaldo

Designed by Dondoli & Pocci, the Kayla family of chairs and the Plumage stool boast an ergonomically-designed shape for ultimate comfort.

Bonaldo Plumage 01 Dondoli e Pocci


Amond table

Design: Gino Carollo

The Amond table stems from the designer Gino Carollo’s desire to create a strong contrast between the base and the table top, while still retaining a great sense of formal and aesthetic balance.

The contrast between the extra thick table top and the base, which is characterized by the absence of filled volumes, creates the illusion of a suspended table top, while at the same time maintaining perfect harmony.

The diamond-shaped base conveys a sense of light weight and sophistication and it is available in metal, painted in a variety of shades or with copper, brass or pickled finish; the table top is in wood, glass or ceramic.

Dimensions: 200×100 cm, 250×100 cm, 300×100 cm

AX table

Design: Gino Carollo

The AX table perfectly expresses the pursuit of essentialness: pure silhouettes and a geometric language are its distinguishing features, making it a simple and light-weight object, yet at the same time characterised by a solid shape.

The name derives from the shape of the base, which is formed by two criss-crossed
components an X.

A game of contrasting materials was devised for the AX table: indeed, the legs are available
in metal, painted in a variety of shades or with copper, brass or pickled finishes; the table top comes in various types of glass, wood or ceramic.

Dimensions: fixed (200×100 cm, 250×100 cm, 300×100 cm), extending (200/300×100 cm, 220/320×100 cm)

Hulahoop table

Design: Alessandro Busana

Named after a fun game, Hulahoop is the new family of tables designed by Alessandro Busana for Bonaldo. The name itself conveys the substantial aspects of the design: appeal and dynamism, summed up in a simple circular element developed in space.

Hulahoop is characterized by a minimal table top and a frame comprising metallic rings which, owing to perspective, overlap one another, giving rise to a graphic pattern capable of rendering a dynamic image that changes every time depending on the viewpoint.

Hulahoop offers multiple combinations of materials and dimensions. The table top – which is free of sharp edges, simple and clean-cut – is in fact available in various types of marble, wood, ceramic and glass. The decorative base is made of metal painted in a host of different colours or with copper, brass or pickled finish.

Dimensions: 220×110 cm, 280×110 cm, round Dia. 120, 140, 160, 180 cm

Mass Table

Design: Alain Gilles

“I am delighted to have been chosen, along with one of my new products, to celebrate Bonaldo’s eightieth anniversary. I believe the new Mass Table embodies what Bonaldo is all
about: know-how and tradition, but also user-friendliness and modernity; innovative products that have a strong personality and that provide an answer to our everychanging
lifestyles. The Mass Table demonstrates how throughout these 80 years Bonaldo as a company has been transformed from a manufacturer of interior furnishings into a pioneering manufacturer of innovative items, becoming a lifestyle specialist that offers its own view of the Italian art de vivre with novel ideas and perspectives for the
future.” (Alain Gilles)

Mass Table, the table designed by Alain Gilles to celebrate Bonaldo’s eightieth anniversary, marks a break with the traditional archetype of the table consisting of a solid and imposing base. Indeed, in this case, the base becomes a light-weight component, while the wooden table top takes up more visual space.

On the one hand, the table base recalls the crinolines worn by women of the high society in the 1800s, on the other hand it refers to the “wireframe” used by architects and designers for their 3D designs.

Thus, the end result is a table with a strong yet gentle personality, which remains rooted to traditions while at the same time pleasing a more modern taste.

The base is available in metal, painted in a variety of shades, including the brand new burgundy, coffee brown and racing green, introduced this year; the table top comes in various types of glass, marble or solid wood.

Dimensions: 140, 160, 180 cm diameter


Flute chair

Design: Mauro Lipparini

The Flute chair designed by Mauro Lipparini embodies the harmony of smooth, seamless shapes, emphasised by the dynamic tridimensional appeal of the backrest, the comfort of which is clearly evident. Flute is characterized a discrete aristocracy, capable of making it play the starring role in any room, without “taking over it”. The choice of different leather and fabric combinations, as well as various colour matches, makes Flute a chair with surprising potential features.

Entirely upholstered with fabric, leather or eco-leather covers, Flute has a steel frame and padding in cold-expanded polyurethane foam.

Kayla chair

Design: Dondoli & Pocci

The Kayla chair collection designed by Dondoli & Pocci consists of three seats, characterized by a steel frame and comfortable padding: Kayla, the basic version, Kayla up – with a high backrest – and Miss Kayla, the version with armrests.

All models are upholstered with leather or eco-leather covers, while the legs are made of metal, available in the painted or chromed versions or, as an alternative, entirely upholstered.

Ketch chair

Design: Bartoli Design

“In Ketch there is a synthesis which in some way also exists in the world of sailing, where the shapes are first and foremost imposed by functional requirements: you only have what’s needed with no extras. This approach has also been implemented to design this chair: we got rid of all the fancy frills to keep only what was strictly necessary to provide a comfortable seat with an identifiable shape that was simple and far from ordinary.” (Bartoli Design)

The Ketch chair designed by Bartoli Design draws its inspiration from the world of sailing, both in its name – a Ketch is a type of sailing craft – and in its design, recalling the shape the sail takes when filled with wind: these shapes are at the same time curved, taut and seamless.

The metal frame and comfortable padding are upholstered with leather, eco-leather or fabric covers, which are fully removable.

Lamina chair

Design: Mauro Lipparini

The juxtaposition of two slabs of shaped emery-leather, which contain the bearing steel frame and form a single whole that merges the backrest with the legs, is the distinguishing feature of the Lamina chair designed by Mauro Lipparini. The structural stability of the entire shaped panel is ensured by the horizontal seat surface that secures and stabilizes the two side edges of the chair.

Lamina is also available in the stool version, Lamina too, like a wader standing on his four legs, characterized by the cosy hug of the backrest which embraces the soft frame. Both the chair and the stool are upholstered in emery-leather with contrasting black border and stitching.

Plumage stool

Design: Dondoli & Pocci

The light yet sturdy make-up of the Plumage stool is down to its ergonomic composition and ensures undisputed comfort. Designed by Dondoli & Pocci, the stool draws its inspiration from the shape of the Eiffel Tower. The sleek and slender shape of Plumage can accommodate the need for space and functionality in both the home and contract industry.

Available in two versions of different heights, the stool stands out for its polypropylene seat, available in white, red, dove-grey, anthracite or yellow, and its metal frame, which matches with the colour of the seat itself. The legs are made of brushed ash-wood, in natural, grey or walnut finishes.


Blazer sofa

Design: Mauro Lipparini

Designed by Mauro Lipparini, the Blazer family of complementary seating widens thanks to a versatile sofa, suitable for both the living room and the bedroom. The Blazer sofa can be used to furnish domestic settings where space is an issue, as well as hospitality industry environments.

The slightly sinuous shape of Blazer is relaxing and enveloping. The combinations of colours and textures, whether identical or in contrast, immediately express a fluid and confidential dynamic appeal, whereas the soft and comfortable padding on the body rests on a light-weight tubular metal frame, available in various finishes.

Dimensions: L.150 x D.83 x H.80 cm

Gossip sofa

Design: Sergio Bicego

The Gossip sofa, designed by Sergio Bicego, stands out for the special system of mix&match modules it comprises. Depending on individual requirements, backrests with support cushions, armrests, shelves or coffee tables can be freely incorporated into the perimeter of the bases.

The metal backrests are upholstered with leather or eco-leather covers, whereas the seat and backrest cushions are padded with down and upholstered with fabric, leather or eco-leather covers, which are fully removable. The base is made of metal, painted in a variety of shades.

Nikos armchair and sofa

Design: Sergio Bicego

Sergio Bicego extends the Nikos family of seats, supplementing it with a low armchair, Nikos low, a quilted version, Nikos ego, and a settee, Nikos Sofa, distinguished by soft and attractive silhouettes.

Cosy and comfortable, the new entries in the Nikos collection are especially comfortable thanks to the soft down padding and ergonomically-designed lower back cushion which supports the lower back area. With fully removable covers, all Nikos models have a metal base, painted in a variety of colours, and are available in fabric or leather.

Nikos low 85 x 87 x H 75 cm
Nikos ego 80 x 93 x H 97 cm
Nikos Sofa 150 x 87 x H 75 cm


Alvar bed

Design: Giuseppe Viganò

The distinguishing feature of the Alvar bed, designed by Giuseppe Viganò, lies in the possibility of plying the bed to every specific need, thanks to the combination of padded platforms devised to create the headboard, the bed surround and the footboard, choosing from various shapes and compositions. The bed can also be ordered with a matching bedside table.
The superior level of customisation also concerns the type of quilting, the upholstery cover – which is fully removable – and the colour (a maximum of 8 different textile/leather covers can be ordered).

In the single bed version, Alvar can become a versatile sofa-bed when required, providing a practical interior design solution for various occasions.

double bed bedstead/mattress 154×205 / 160×200 / 180×200 / 184×205 cm
single bed bedstead/mattress 90×200 cm


Doppler sideboard

Design: Giuseppe Viganò

The Doppler sideboards supplement the Doppler coffee table collection designed by Giuseppe Viganò for Bonaldo. They propose the same illusion of overlapping surfaces, whereas actually the doors are made up of a single surface: indeed, it is the combination of various brightly coloured graphic patterns that creates this particular optical effect. The asymmetrical opening of the doors is an additional sign of originality.

The lacquered wood frame is supported by a solid ash-wood base, painted in grey or walnut-wood. Bonaldo produces the Doppler sideboards in two different sizes: one high and the other low, to furnish both the living room and the bedroom.

Dimensions: low 216x70x48 cm 7 / high 90x130x48 cm

Frame Sideboard

Design: Alain Gilles

The Frame collection is the epitome of an alternative way to design a sideboard: it stands out for the metal frame which makes up the structure, while the side panels and the wooden top are inserted within the frame, leaving an empty space thanks to the rounded corners that leave the metal frame visible.

The contrast between the frame, which is painted in a variety of colours, and the various finishes of the wooden panels lends this sideboard a dynamic appeal. It is available in three different sizes.

Dimensions: low 240x58x50 cm / medium 155x80x50 cm / high 120x135x50 cm

Note sideboard

Design: Mario Mazzer

Simple geometric shapes for the Note sideboard designed by Mario Mazzer, which looks like a parallelepiped suspended in mid-air and supported by two slanted vertical beams, which are the distinguishing feature of the Note bookcase already conceived by the same designer
for Bonaldo.

These two beams emphasise the particular appeal of this product, which aims at being simple yet maintaining a strong and original personality.

The frame of the Note sideboard is made of walnut-wood or heat-treated brushed oak-wood, and the vertical beams are lacquered white, brown, dove-grey or quartz grey.

Dimensions: 180x80x52 cm

Tratto sideboard

Design: Mauro Lipparini

The Tratto sideboard designed by Mauro Lipparini stands out for its simple but sophisticated geometric shapes, where the alternation between filled volumes and voids and the various finishes and colour hues available create endless possibilities of combination.

All components of Tratto – from the legs, to the panels, doors and shelves – lead back to the pure geometric composition, which makes it a simple interior design object which blends in seamlessly with any décor.

The feet and top are available in multiple colour variants; the frame is made of oak, available in various finishes, or in walnut-wood.

Dimensions: 180x68x54 cm 7 / 220x68x54 cm

New Perspective Mirror

Design: Alain Gilles

The idea of Belgian designer Alain Gilles was to bring the mirror to life, turning it from a cold and empty surface into a dynamic object with a rich personality.

As the name suggests, the New Perspective Mirror plays with depth and perspective, giving the illusion of a room beyond the mirror.

The distinguishing feature of this mirror lies in the hand-drawing of lines made directly on its surface, which gives it a multiple personality: it is not just an object whose sole function is to that of a mirror but rather a decorative furnishing element.

The New Perspective Mirror is available in 3 different colour variants to adapt to various styles and interior décors: combinations of red/green/blue, or monochrome black or copper.

Available in two versions, either “large” or “small”; the “small” version is fitted with a brushed
anthracite grey oak shelf on which the mirror rests, set in a slot.

Dimensions: small version 47×80 cm / large version 106×178 cm
Shelf dimensions: 93x18x3.5 cm


Design: Roberto Paoli

“Pier” is another English word for a wharf or jetty. In the Anglo-Saxon world, the word is also used to define docks in ports where ships can dock directly from the sea, featuring geometrical shapes that resemble those used to make up Piers.

Designed by Roberto Paoli, Piers is an object comprising elementary figures, each one performing one of the three functions of the product: the square becomes a practical coat hanger fitted with solid wood knobs, the circle is a mirror and the rectangle a convenient storage shelf.

Piers has its very own code, consisting of overlapping decorative combinations which make it concurrently useful and playful, capable of playing its roles – usually allocated to several different objects – lightly and harmoniously. What sets Piers apart from the rest is its fresh and lively styling, which brightens up settings with fun and colour: a mix&match of characteristics that makes it perfect for saving space in a young and modern home.

The lacquered wood panels of Piers are available in four colour combinations – yellow and anthracite grey, green and dove-grey, powder pink and amaranth, orange and dove-grey.

Dimensions: 126×66 cm

Amond console

Design: Gino Carollo

The Amond console designed by Gino Carollo for Bonaldo is part of the same family of the Amond table. As in the table, the console is characterized by an elegant game of contrasts between the wooden top and the metal base, which is distinguished by the absence of block volumes.
Indeed, it is this alternation of filled volumes and voids that gives the impression of a base suspended in mid-air, conveying a sense of lightness.

Thanks to its simplicity and elegance, the Amond console is extremely versatile and it is ideal for any room in the home. The top is made of wood and the metal legs are painted in a large number of colour variants, or in brass, copper or pickled finishes.

Dimensions: 160×50 / 180×50 cm / 220×50 cm / 250×50 cm

AX console

Design: Gino Carollo

Gino Carollo has designed the AX console for Bonaldo with the intention of eliminating fancy frills and get back to basics in terms of shape. Geometrical and linear, AX comprises three main elements: the top, which is available in ceramic, glass or wood, and the two metal legs, painted in a variety of colours or in copper, brass or pickled finishes. The special appeal of the base lies in the two “sheets” of metal that together form the upside-down V. The AX family also includes the homonym table.

Dimensions: 160×50 / 180×50 cm / 220x50cm