Nursery design: interesting ideas and examples

Nursery design requires a special approach. Here you can find lots of decor tips, photos of nursery design, the choice of colors and furniture, interesting ideas and examples of the room design for children and teenagers.

Scandinavian-Styled Children’s Room

Scandinavian StyledChildren’sRoom
If you would like to decorate your baby’s room in Scandinavian style, it would be a perfect decision. The main features of a room, performed in this style, are...

How to make design of a room in Marine style for boys

How to make design of a room in Marine style for boys
The children room for two boys of different ages can be united by one theme. Boys of any age are interested in ships, discoveries and adventures. This children room...

Nursery for a Boy from Birth to 10 Years Old

All parents should provide their children with personal space, because it’s necessary for development and formation of personality, which won’t be sandwiched between narrow frameworks. Today we are going...

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