The definition of “Kitsch” has appeared not so long ago, and it is new interior category. Mockery of history and artistic traditions, tastes and styles is the basic idea of Kitsch. It is when utterly bad taste becomes the reason of the choice, and outright irreconcilability of the colors is the main style’s feature. Gilded molding on the cornice which placed on the blue ceiling with bright stars, tubs with palm trees and ceramic tiles with the oriental motifs could be such example.

Kitsch Style Interior design - Bedroom with Fireplace

An apartment or house design in the Kitsch style recently has become a bright tend. Also, it borders with exotic. The essence and the birth of the Kitsch style connect with repetition and re-interpretation of the already existing classic designs. Kitsch is a mixture of the real retro and dreams about it. But in fact, these dreams should have a natural sense of proportional and artistic tastes. Kitsch’s color scheme provides almost everything: from bright pink tones to saturated green and purple. Aggressive red and gold, white and black colors have been leading for several years.

Kitsch Style Interior design - Bedroom

Almost everything is used during the interior design: lining fabric draping, crystal chandeliers, floor vases with sun-faded plastic roses, arcades and ancient columns which prop up the low ceiling. In addition, there are Styrofoam “molding” with the “gilt”, home fountains with the figures of dwarves, pictures with the “bronze” frames, “marble” sills, cabinets with the “tree” carving, and other attributes of the dreams about beautiful life.

Kitsch Style Interior design - Living room Kitsch Style Interior design ideas - Living room Kitsch Style Interior design ideas

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