“Natural”, “Village”, warm and home-like, there are many epithets to describe the country style in the interior. Especially when we speak about the design of one of the most important, from the visual point of view, functional rooms – kitchen. Eco-materials constituting the basis of such conception of the country style look best in the rooms of utility character.

The kitchen area is a heart of the house. And it is important to arrange these functional premises with a maximum comfort and ergonomics, creating the atmosphere which would inspire for cooking the fine dishes and serve as a place of gathering for the whole family.

Country kitchen style

We offer you a selection of design projects performed in the pure country-style or country style mixed with elements of other stylistics. The suggested variants provide a wide specter of inspiring kitchen interiors, showing that the application of the country style is possible not only in the country houses but also at the city apartments.

The country stylistics changed with the time and underwent the integration within modern kitchen appliances, accessories, industrial theme and high-tech kitchen style. To arrange modern interior of the kitchen with the country elements would be easy even for the amateur designers or the house owners wishing to create a warm, cozy atmosphere of closeness to nature.

kitchen country style

Natural stone in the country stylistics of the kitchen interior

Natural materials and country style are inseparable. The use of wood and stone allows creating a recognizable home interior with the village stylistics. Currently, the stone finishing became more affordable, from the economic point of view, a variant of surfaces coating. The artificial stone does not much visually differ from the natural, and its color palette and texture specter just petrify. Surely, natural stone will serve longer, it is second to none. But its cost of use even for the small surfaces is quite high.

country design kitchen

Usually, the surfaces near the working area are coated with the stone, as well as the area of stoves or splash-backs.

But if the area of the kitchen allows this, you may coat the whole wall with the stone. The effect from such natural presence will be fascinating.

country kitchen ideas

The shades of stone used for the construction of columns match the stone tile with which the splash back is coated. The wooden furniture and granite tabletops complete the circle of the country-style elements in this modern kitchen.

interior kitchen country style

Large rough stone was used for arranging one of the walls reflecting the kitchen area. The warm colors of the stone tile of flooring harmonize beautifully with the light wood species of which the kitchen cupboards are made.

arranging country style kitchen

Warm ochreous colors of stone were selected to match this bright and at the same time unpretentious woods, used for the ceiling beams, pillar supports and flooring.

colors for country style kitchen

The “stone” walls of the kitchen space harmonize well with the dark wooden ceiling, light tiles and snow-white furniture. The huge kitchen island, combining the functions of dining table with its massive tabletop, became a coordination center of this impressive kitchen.

walls of the kitchen

It is incredible, but the modern kitchen appliances with the chromized surfaces and elements look perfectly against the background of practically rough walls. For the country house, such modern kitchen may become and attention-grabber of the whole house.

modern country style photo

modern kitchen country style

The stone finishing of the working area where the stove is located, allows creating the impression of the fireplace or large stove in the modern kitchen. This gives, even more, coziness to the interior.

stone finishing kitchen

stone finishing ideas for kitchen

Sometimes the stone finishing is used only for the flooring and tabletops production. And this may be explained by an immense strength of the stone, its long life and simplicity of maintenance.

flooring country style

One more way of the stone application within the kitchen is finishing the base of the key elements – kitchen island. In this case, this is not only a reliable base but also the diluting décor element among the total wooden surfaces.

decor country style kitchen

Rustic elements in the country style or the fascination of natural design roughness

Rustic design is characterized by the intentionally rough performance of the finishing materials and constructions. The appearance of elements and surfaces which are the closest to nature fits the rough country conception. The rough stone and wood are the key rustic elements. In the premises, the application of the wood branches is possible as the construction elements, décor or the part of the furniture.

Rustic elements

The rustic country style deprived of grandiosity and pretentiousness, complexity of color palette, brings the interior to the simpler level which is closer to the environment.

The rustic country style

decor elements country style kitchen

naturalness in country style

The supporting column and ceiling beams performed out of the monolithic tree trunks give the kitchen premises uniqueness and naturalness.

ideas of country kitchen design

Using even one rustic element in the kitchen design, instantaneously changes the whole premises appearance, the whole modern attributes become secondary.

rustic element in kitchen design

rough details in country style

kitchen design in country style

The details roughness may be manifested not only in the construction of ceiling or columns, but also in the furniture production, no one entering such kitchen will have any doubts about belonging of such design to the country-style.

columns in the kitchen

ceiling in the kitchen

If the wood has some defects in the form of worm holes and cracks you shouldn’t get rid of them, polish them, quite frequently they are not lacquered or covered with other concealing substances. Rough country welcomes naturalness of eco-materials.

wood details in country kitchen

The modern rustic design perfectly fits the creative décor elements and progressive type of kitchen accessories. It is only important not to overuse such décor, and to opt for one or two bright elements. The hanging lamps of unusual shape perfectly match the rough atmosphere of this country kitchen.

Country style in the light palette kitchen

As a rule, the country stylistics is used in large premises. The matter is that using natural materials in their natural coloring frequently reduces the space. But this does not mean that the admirers of country motives in the interior may not arrange the small premises, such as kitchen, for instance, in the country stylistics.

]When using the light colors for partial finishing of the furniture background, you manage to visually extend the premises and not intervene into the cottage stylistics.

country motives in the kitchen

stylish country kitchen designs

stylish country kitchen design ideas

The small kitchen interior becomes more spacious due to the inbuilt furniture. Modern appliances harmonize well with the wooden ceiling elements.

furniture for kithcen in country style

Modern in country style kitchen

best country kitchen interiors

If it was not for the wooden roofing finishing, these light kitchens could be considered traditional. High wooden stools support the country stylistics among the appliances with the chromized surfaces.

wooden roofing finishing

This kitchen is made even more spacious not only by the light walls but also by the high arched ceilings and additional windows under the roof.

additional windows under the roof in kitchen

The kitchen which harmoniously combines the cupboards painted light with the furniture performed of light wood species, looks very elegant.

light wood species

For such kitchen with the low ceilings and small area the finishing in the light colors were the only possible variant to “extend” the walls. And the light wood species, in this case, could not have come at a better time.

kitchen finishing in the light colors

Despite the abundance of wooden surfaces, the kitchen looks light due to the small vertical surfaces, splash back and the kitchen island tabletop in light colors.

kitchen island tabletop

This kitchen jointed with the dining room is full of contrasts. The light colors of the walls finishing and furniture cooperate with the darkness of tabletops and multiple wooden shades, formed into the clear geometric elements.

contrast country kitchen design

The snow-white kitchen furniture and kitchen appliances perfectly fit the warm colors of wood on the ceiling beams, tabletops and bar stools.

country style in the kitchen design

In this milk-white kitchen a big stove-fireplace with an extraordinary “lamellar” finishing is a vivid example that the kitchen area in the country style may be incredibly light, elegant and beautiful, but at the same time not lose its uniqueness.

lamellar kitchen finishing

great photo of country kitchen

natural materials in the kitchen

kitchen equipment

kitchen country decor

Light and spacious, these rooms are full of the warmth of natural materials, wonderfully matching the modern appliances and kitchen equipment. In such working area, it is comfortable not only to gather the whole family but also the routine work becomes more interesting.

Country industrialization within one kitchen

We offer you a selection of the design projects of modern kitchens, where the elements of country style, minimalism, high-tech and modern are harmoniously combined. These inspiring interiors once more prove that there are no prohibitions in the design, no canons and strict rules, and with the skillful presentation of designer ideas within one room you may present several different stylistics.

kitchen equipment in country style

Distinct and simple forms of minimalism in the kitchen premises arrangement match the warmth of natural finishing materials, with the bright ingenuity of the décor elements.

country style décor elements

classic country style

Despite the presence of country elements, the premises look somewhat futuristic, due to the modern unusual lamps, glittering accessories and décor elements.

country style in the kitchen design

best design ideas for country style kitchen

Some more images of “classical” premises of the country style in the kitchen space organization, conveying the country spirit, feeling of unity with nature and home-like comfort.

wooden elements in the kithen

best furniture for kitchen

materials for kitchen in country style

kitchen design in the country style photos

kitchen design in the country style pictures

kitchen design in the country style projects

kitchen design in the country style arrangement

most beautiful design country kitchen

area in country kitchen

No matter what your choice of the kitchen design in the country style is, in pure or mixed combination with the other stylistics, we hope that the one presented in the publication inspired you for the bold solutions within the traditional kitchen area.