Modernism has allowed people to discover a lot of unrivaled masterpieces. However, this style has existed for about 30 years at the peak of its vivid expression (from late 1880 to 1914) what is almost nothing in comparison with the entire centuries, which subordinated the other styles.

The Interior of the Modernism Style: the Main Features

This very unusual and one-of-a-kind style, of course, has influenced on both the furniture and interior design in general. You can easily find the descriptions and chronicles of those years to follow the revolution in the view of life of different artists and artistic elite in general.
We would also like to emphasize the way of recreating of the Modernism style atmosphere in present time, what methods were used most frequently and which distinctive features could make your home special and unique. So, let’s look step by step on the elements of the Modernist interior.

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Modernism Style: Lots of Wood

Wood is the basic material for this architectural style. The usage of wood is very popular, because it is natural, flexible and functional work material. Different furniture, elements of decor, and facing materials etc., could be made of wood. But this is not the only one of the most expensive styles but also the most difficult. Keep this in mind while reconstruction of the Modernism style.
In addition to capital investments, you will still have to spend a lot of time to work with technologists and artists-designers, who will invent and create the furniture and other interior elements for your house.
You should use wood of natural colors. Prefer hardwood such as oak and beech, which may have an average degree of saturation or be very dark in the final treatment. Also, wood could be toned or lacquered; however, painted wood is almost never used in modernism.
You can use it for the doors, furniture, floorings, walls paneling, ceilings caissons, and stairs decorations.

The Modernism Style - Lots of Wood

Modernism Style: The Ornate Lines

It looks like the modern style is “shouting” about its uniqueness from all the other styles. It requires the symmetry, accuracy and uniformity. Modernism is close to the nature and that is why it is inspired by it. And the nature, as we know, cannot have perfectly measured parameters. Conversely, it is very diverse, has a variety of colors, shades and tones. So, please, do not try to create the symmetry or mirror image of the objects in this style. Just try to achieve the balance and final harmony.
You can use it in the bas-reliefs on the walls, the shape of the ladder and its elements, arched doorways, fireplace portals, wallpaper prints, textiles and wood carvings.

The Modernism Style - The Ornate Lines

Modernism Style: The Plant and Floral Patterns

Modernism is very close to nature. That is why it has such a rich variety of patterns and prints on all of kinds of topics, most often it is flora and fauna. Usage of the stylized images of roses, petals of green plants, butterflies and dragonflies – that’s what could be often seen in the historical modernity. Of course, you don’t have to be limited only by this short line of the patterns. The main idea is to keep these themes of love for nature and the imitation of its diversity and magnificence in the general mood of the interior.
You can use it in the textile patterns, wallpapers, upholstery, art paints on the floor, decor and elements of the lighting design.

The Modernism Style - The Plant and Floral Patterns

Modernism Style: Stained-glass windows

Stained-glass windows are often made in old-fashioned way, when in a metal “grid” of special form the craftsman inserts the elements of colored glass. Such windows can often be illuminated by special lamps, because glass shimmer creates a very unusual effect, which becomes a pleasant and very interesting element of decoration. Stained-glass windows are almost obligatory components of any interior in the Modernism style.
Stained-glass windows can be customized and created to pattern (for example, in the workshops you will surely find some standard patterns, most of which are made in a modern style).
You can use it to create the additional layer of ceiling with lighting, lampshades of the lighting elements, decorative inserts on the stairs, in the wings of furniture cabinets and decorative elements.

The Modernism Style - Stained-glass windows

Modernism Style: The Forged Items

Forging is also used in the Modernism style. It is not a must to have it in your interior; it depends just on house owners’ preferences. If you like art forging and metal, you can create the stairs, railings and other elements in the Modernism style. Forging often has also a curved shape and is painted in black or other dark color. Do not use a lot of metal elements in the one room – one active element and several complementing accessories would be enough.
You can use it in a pair of stairs or railings, fireplace accessories, headboards, window decorations and decorative elements.

The Modernism Style - The Forged Items

We really hope that this mini-guide to the main characteristics of the Modernism style will help you to understand how to create the interior of a dwelling.
There is no need for you to imitate blindly this style in every detail, because you can exchange some elements and create your own compositions. The most important things are the result of your designing and the fact that you have kept the mood of modernity. So you can choose any method or way of your own house designing.

The Modernism Style Bedroom - The Forged Items

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