What would be the result of India and Italy combining? Matteo Cibic has introduced a first variant of such combination at Rossana Orlandi gallery. His brand is called Scarlet Splendour and encompasses sets of furniture and lighting fixtures.

The designer was inspired by traditional Indian decor art, basing on bone and tusk of Indian elephant. This resulted in Vanilla Noir furniture collection creation. Its items have classic forms of Italian design, being manually enchased by works of Indian crafters. As envisioned by the author, this set is an allusion to black-and-white films of silent movies period, namely to jocose and vivid classics, which induces so many people to watch it again and again.

Scarlet Splendour Vanilla Noir furniture collection

Vanilla Noir collection includes 11 items performed in monochromic colours. Four of them were even named after unfading films of Charlie Chaplin, namely: City Lights mirror, The Kid bedside table, Monsieur Verdoux cellaret and The Circus coffee table. Others furniture items of this collection are: three mirrors called The Big Parade, Sunrise and Wings, Woman in Paris dressing table, The Metropolis dining table, The Sheikh console table and The General desk.

Monsieur Verdoux cellaret and City Lights mirror The Sheikh console table and Woman in Paris dressing table11

A line of lighting fixtures is called Luce Naga and embodies the fluidity of a snake. The name of this line is related to nagas, which are fabled anguiform creatures in Hinduism and Buddhism. Helical carcasses are made of thin Italian ceramics, covered with 24 kt of gold and crowned by a lighting fixture of blown glass with LED bulbs. Luce Naga line includes wall-type lamps, standing lighting and desk lamps with diverse amount of lightbulbs.

The Four Bulb Light Collection

Photo Gallery: The Vanilla Noir furniture collection