The German designer Sebastian Herkner has developed a line of three items, based on the construction of massive pipes and intended for Moroso brand.
Whereas the majority of designers prefer to create weightless and almost invisible silhouettes and constructions, Sebastian Herkner decided to use 8-cm pipes. As a result, the pipes became not only a functional carcass for furniture, but the bright and graphic element of design as well.
The collection was called Pipe and includes three models: an arm-chair, a compact sofa and an end table. The L-shaped legs of soft furniture coincide with a hooped back.
The back seems rather massive from the first glance, however it provides the maximal comfort. It is achieved via a very soft filling material, which is the same as in soft toys developed for children.
The given range of bright upholsteries and combinations of color highlights the unique character and the outstanding models design.