A loft is normally a light, airy and spacious living solution, usually located in a disused industrial or commercial space. Its trademark features are high ceilings, large windows and virtually no dividing walls. Even if a loft is usually very big, it is a single open space and includes all the house’s living spaces in on e single room. In order to live well and feel at ease in a loft, we have to take care at the design and interior furniture.

Room-divider furniture by Bonaldo
Any furniture item that can be placed in the centre of a room can be really helpful to furnish a loft. Not only the kitchen island, but also tables, sofas and even beds can be positioned away from walls and can sometimes be used to divide spaces within a room.

Bonaldo_All in One

Bonaldo_Basket air Bonaldo_Big Table_Venere Bonaldo_Pebble Bonaldo_Picabia Bonaldo_Prora_MyTime Bonaldo_Squaring_penisola Bonaldo_Twice_Alanda_1 Bonaldo_Twice_Alanda_2 Bonaldo_Vita

Kitchens by Comprex with a minimalist design for industrial spaces
Furniture has to be in line with the industrial aspect of a loft. Minimalist design furniture can enhance the perception of infinite space. A kitchen featuring strong geometric lines, elements that can be hidden and continuity with the living area is perfect in a loft and can enhance its architectural structure.

Comprex_Filo_1 Comprex_Filo_2 Comprex_Filo_3 Comprex_Filo_4 Comprex_Filo_5 Comprex_Sintesi_1 Comprex_Sintesi_2 Comprex_Sintesi_3 Comprex_Sintesi_4 Comprex_Sintesi_5 Comprex_Sintesi_6 Comprex_Sintesi_7 Comprex_Sintesi_8 Comprex_Sintesi_9

Colourful and timeless floor covering by Lithos Design
Unlike in more conventional living spaces, the flooring in a loft is seen in its entirety. Thanks to the marble floor cladding by Lithos Design, the loft acquires a touch of uniqueness and colour.

LD Primes_OPUS_ALLEGRO_polished LD Primes_OPUS_ALLEGRO_setting LD Primes_OPUS_ALLEGRO_setting_detail

The warmth of MCZ pellet stoves
A spacious, open-plan loft needs the right heating solution, which can easily be achieved using only one product. The design of MCZ pellet stoves is perfect for the industrial space of a loft and makes it easy to be controlled remotely. A powerful but extremely quiet ven tilation system enables these stoves to heat the whole loft and can fully replace traditional gas boilers.

MCZ_Amy MCZ_Cap_1 MCZ_Cap_2 MCZ_Maggie_1 MCZ_Maggie_2 MCZ_Thema