As we already mentioned, IKEA company introduced a line of home furniture and accessorizes with inbuilt wireless charging system at the MWC 2015 exhibition. Such a decision is definitely convenient and practicable, as you don’t need to seek for a cable and connect it to a smartphone or a pad in order to charge it. Currently the furniture with inbuilt IKEA charging system is displayed at the official company`s web site. The cost of wireless charging module, which is possible to embed into a furniture item, is $30. Desk lamps with inbuilt charging system can be purchased at $70 or higher, whereas a coffee table costs $60. The company also sales protecting covers for popular smartphones, which allow to charge these devises in a wireless way. New offerings are expected to enlarge the assortment in the nearest future.

ikea wireless

IKEA Wireless-Charged FurnitureIKEA Wireless-Charged Furniture - Riggad LampIKEA Wireless-Charged Furniture - Morik ChargerIKEA Wireless-Charged Furniture - KOPPLA 3-port USB chargerIKEA Wireless-Charged Furniture - SELJE NightstandIKEA Wireless-Charged Furniture - NORDLI Nightstand

Photo Gallery: IKEA Starts Sale Of Wireless-Charged Furniture