These styles started to develop just recently, yet have already gained wide popularity. This article will describe the majority of them. Hopefully, this article will provide the answer to the question, “How to choose the correct interior style and not to get lost in their directions?”

Minimalism interior design ideas

Ultimate laconism and simplicity, absence of any décor or ornaments, clearness of composition, emphasis on the natural textures and graphics are the key features of the given style. All the space is filled with only necessary items. Any display of living conditions should be hidden. The interior, done in minimalism style, is cold and demands perfection of everyday life from its inhabitants. This leads to the situation, when such a style becomes appropriate mainly for public premises. While selecting the materials it is necessary to choose natural wood and modern materials (steel, aluminum and satinated glass).
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minimalist style

Constructivism interior design ideas

The most important thing in constructivism is not a general composition, but the construction itself. Here, the strict body and structural properties of the interior fade out, and the technical character of forms revealed becomes apparent, while the décor is totally absent overall. Various lighting technics, as well as niches, are widely used in this style. While choosing the furniture it is necessary to select simple, strict, yet comfortable forms of any interior item. Absence of décor makes the furniture as simple as possible so that it becomes only an item for sleep.
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Techno interior design ideas

This style implies a special philosophy of life and is rarely used in residential premises. It is often used for decoration of night clubs, bars, restaurants, etc. Techno-style combines brightness, dynamism, light show, cutting-edge technologies and extremeness.
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Loft interior design ideas

This is a style of factory premises; a range of visual and technical solutions is used for its creation. The bright example is opened ventilation tubbing. This style uncovers the aesthetics of materials, namely unfaced brick work, aged plaster, and the exposure of columns and beams. Metal, brick and concrete colors are typical for this style. Usually décor is absent here, yet plenty of light, which is reflected in glass and chromized surfaces, creates an attractive visual effect.
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loft style

Country interior design ideas

This style is as close to the rural design as possible and includes the use of only natural materials, along with plenty of textile and light tones. Ancient books, rattan furniture, cozy lap blankets in patchwork style and wooden furniture will perfectly fit the interior. The result of decoration will not so much depend on the expensiveness of furniture, as on the correctly selected color tincture of the premises, therefore it would be better to choose warm tinctures.
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