Constructivism has appeared in the end of the 20th century. The main accent was on the functionality and rationality of the room. Colors were laconic and exaggeratedly rational. Compact sizes with clear frames and strict adherence to requirements of deliberate functional solutions are distinctive features of the Constructivism design. The simplicity of the shapes combines with the eccentricity of the entire design. The abundance of the built-in appliances was obligatory. Different “extra” objects were inadmissible. There were many special characteristics for Constructivism such as accurate proportions, using of reinforced concrete, bricks and glass, the absence of the stucco decor etc. The space zoning was made in an abstract way mostly by using light movable partitions. There were no corridors or closed spaces – everything was open and functional.

Constructivism Style Interior - Living room Design ideas

Constructivism Style Interior design - everything was open and functional Constructivism Style Interior design - Kitchen design ideas Constructivism Style Interior design - Living room Constructivism Style Interior design ideas

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