The kitchen is a special place where a hostess spends a lot of time. Therefore, the interior of this premise should by all means be not only functional and thought-out, but stylish as well and should create the cozy atmosphere.

Combination of Gray and Beige color in the interior

Besides, the owners often create a dining zone in the kitchen and gather there their family members and guests in order to enjoy tasty dishes, to talk or to have a pleasant time. The beige color is perfect for the kitchen`s interior, as it pacifies, helps to relax, brings harmony and creates the warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Beige and Brown color kitchen design

Advantages and Peculiarities of Beige in The Kitchen`s Interior

First of all, you should keep in mind the flexibility of beige: it will be good both for classic and Provence styles as well. Such peculiarity provides variety of opportunities and allows using various tinctures in order to create attractive and stylish interior. It is important to note that beige is a dirtying color; it displays spots, stains and drops of water. However, the beige-colored interior is still among of the most popular ones. So, what is the reason for that?

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Light tinctures visually enlarge the size of the premise, so you may apply it even at the smallest kitchen. Apart from that, such neutral color perfectly complies with not only pastel colors, yet with bright saturated tinctures, and this significantly refreshes the interior.

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Furniture for Kitchen in Beige

It is quite a challenge to select furniture for such an interior. First of all, you need to define the style type, as each of them has own peculiarities and requirements to the decoration and appearance of items. You should also keep in mind the materials appropriate for each style, as well as additional colors, suitable for certain interior.

Furniture for Kitchen in Beige – modern style

Furniture for The Kitchen in Classic Style

The austere classic style adheres to the noble simplicity and symmetry; the exquisiteness is highlighted not only by the fanciful decorative elements, but mostly by expensive materials. The furniture made of a solid wood with trim and stylish golden (or silver) handles will be the perfect solution. This ready-built kitchen is pretty expensive and therefore may be replaced by high-quality duplication. Please remember, the classic style and plastic will never be a beautiful match. Facades made of natural wood and inner part made of cheaper materials will be the more acceptable solution. A décor in the form of carving or slight amount of stucco molding is allowed here as well.

Kitchen Island – Modern ideas

The Beige Kitchen in The Retro Style

The kitchen performed in the retro style will remind of the old styles, starting from the striking fifties to the more moderate eighties. All of them have unique features, however, there are certain rules you should comply with in order to reconstruct the kitchen of the past.

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Attention to details: there should be a lot of them and they should be connected with the chosen epoch. All necessary details may be found at the hall closet, garage or attic. Spice jars, kitchen utensils and plates with color patterns will perfectly restore the atmosphere of the past times.

The Beige Kitchen in The Retro Style

The variety of colors won`t look too garish and bright in combination with beige, therefore you should not be afraid to experiment.

Furniture for Kitchen in Beige – retro style

Furniture for The Modern-Art Kitchen in Beige

The modern style strives for simplicity and laconism, whereas the main tendencies of 2015 are ecological compatibility and rational economy. Therefore, nowadays ready-built kitchens, decorated with luxurious elements, are not popular. The rapid pace of life influences people, who wish to have the best functional kitchen possible at minimal costs. The use of natural materials is in big demand; however, models, made of MDF etc., are also quite popular.

Beige kitchen lesign

Large kitchens usually contain a kitchen island, whereas at small studio apartments the space is differentiated by the bar counter, which serves as a small dining table at the same time.

Country Styled Kitchen: Beige Color

The Futuristic Kitchen in Beige Tones

The difference between such ready-built kitchen and a space ship is not visible at first glance. Stylish and provoking interiors boggle the imagination. They don`t shock with the color; the most impressive thing here is that all these surfaces migrating into each other have the functional part as well.

The Futuristic Kitchen in Beige Tones

Geometry is in charge of the whole design here: the lines are straight and distinct, but they discreetly melt into each other. There is no carving, stained glass or plasterwork in such a kitchen. The glazed facades shimmer and increase similarity to the space vehicle.

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The Economy-Class Furniture in Beige

The custom-built furniture isn`t affordable for everyone, but sometimes there is even no need for this. Factories produce attractive models in beige, which will suit both a spacious premise and mini apartment. The majority of such furniture items is simple and moderate and has no décor elements. The main difference between them is the façade – glazed or matte-finished. However, there are also more attractive models, which include simulation of a glass painting, or just glass doors. Modular systems allow to arrange the elements in the required sequence and to select wardrobes in accordance with the size of the certain premise.

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50 Tinctures of Beige

A wonderful feature of this color is that beige has more tinctures than we can imagine. It includes not only light or dark tincture, but rose, yellow and grey shades. Thus, the number of possible tinctures increases manifoldly.

Selection of The Beige Tincture for The Kitchen Interior

Selection of The Beige Tincture for The Kitchen`s Interior

If you wish to create unusual and cozy interior, you need to select not only the right color to comply with beige, but the right tincture as well. In case your premise is small, then it will be better to choose pastel tones: the crème, white coffee and sandy ones.

Decoration of The Kitchen in The Beige Color

The Best Combinations of Beige with Other Colors:

  • Light-golden, dark-sandy, golden-brown, pale-green;
  • Yellow-green, dark-olive, light-olive, salmon-colored;
  • Rose, peachpuff, rubiginous, light-peachpuff.

Decoration of The Kitchen in The Beige Color

It wouldn`t be enough to decorate the kitchen premise with only a ready-built kitchen while creating the full-scale interior. Even if your furniture is eye-catching and stylish, it still needs to be allocated at the appropriate premise. The beige color in kitchen will be the perfect match to combine with many other ones.

Kitchen interior in The Beige Color


Light ceilings are typical for any interior; they create the light atmosphere and help to relax. However, small premises require some additional effects, for example, glossy ceilings. They reflect the light, visually distance the ceiling and enlarge the kitchen`s volume.

The Beige Kitchen in The Modern Style


The black floor won`t be appropriate for such an interior, no matter how stylish and attractive it may seem. Furthermore, the black color doesn`t disguise the shortcomings (despite the existing beliefs). Scratches and spots, water drops and dust will definitely catch the eye. The best solution is to supplement the beige kitchen with a brown or light-blown floor. You may also use moisture-resistant laminated flooring or tiles. The pearly or milky color will also look good here, however they require repeated and thorough upkeep.

Modern design beige kitchen interiorwhite kitchen cabinet with beige floor

Curtains and Window Shades

It is better to select the textile either in tune to the ready-built kitchen or in tune to the walls (or splash back). It is possible to decorate the windows with short curtains with rural ornament or with sumptuous Roman blinds (depending on the style chosen).

Kitchen interior in The Beige Color – Curtains and Window Shades


The simplicity of beige color requires the presence of accessories, which will fill it with life and refresh the whole interior. Various kitchen utensils (such as the old-fashioned griddle or brightly colored plates) will look good at open shelves. Beige is inevitably associated with nature; therefore, a wicker basket for various little things will perfectly supplement the interior.

The Beige Kitchen – Accessories


The lighting fixtures embedded under the cooking surface have become an integral part of any kitchen long ago. Multilevel lighting at the kitchen allows not only to show the interior to the best advantage, but to simplify the hostess`s life. You should carefully think over the lighting issue before the beginning of the decoration work. In case you wish to make the interior more glamorous, you may add the LED-based lighting to the chandelier and recessed lighting fixtures.

Beige kitchen - lighting fixtures