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During planning the kitchen, we should take into account the fact that it’s not only a place for cooking, but also a room where you can enjoy your meal and dine with comfort. Every kitchen design should express the tastes of its owner and assist in the creation of dishes. All the elements of the kitchen should be placed in the order, which will be convenient for the process of cooking and eating. The original kitchen interior can be created using patterned cupboards, unusual artistic work table, decorative greenery and pleasant things in the form of hand-embroidered oven-gloves or elegant build-in appliance. You have a chance to find here hundreds of inspirational photos, ideas and examples of kitchen design in different styles.

Country kitchen style: the warmth of natural materials

kitchen country style
“Natural”, “Village”, warm and home-like, there are many epithets to describe the country style in the interior...

Kitchen Countertops: Selecting Functional, Reliable And Beautiful Solution

Kitchen countertop natural quartz stone red color
This article considers a rather complicated issue of how to select a countertop for a modern kitchen. Variety of models brings the challenge. The main question is whether it is possible to find a model, compliant with all the requirements of residencies owners`, who is planning to repair or reconstruct the kitchen premise. Let`s try to make the right choice together.

Kitchen in Beige Color

Furniture for Kitchen in Beige – modern style
The kitchen is a special place where a hostess spends a lot of time. Therefore, the interior of this premise should by all means be not only functional and thought-out, but stylish as well and should create the cozy atmosphere.

Tinozza: The Kitchen Collection From Minacciolo

Tinozza The Kitchen Collection From Minacciolo 1
Minacciolo, the famous Italian kitchen producer, has created the collection called Tinozza. It is based on traditions, yet is reconsidered in view of modern tendencies and is an unusual...

Uba Tuba Granite

Uba Tuba granite countertop
Uba Tuba granite, also called Ubatuba, Verde Labrador, Green Labrador, or Butterfly Granite, is typically such a dark green color it appears black. With small flecks of white, gold...

Bambleu: A Fold-Out Cutting Board With Outstanding And Stylish Design

Bambleu A Fold Out Cutting Board With Outstanding And Stylish Design
What do you think is simpler than the ordinary cutting board? What can be invented in order to create the perfect cutting board? You may say: “Nothing, everything possible...

G-Drip: Rather Unusual Drip Coffee Maker

G Drip Rather Unusual Drip Coffee Maker
Designers from the Goat Story innovative company have invented the concept and design of a rather unusual drip coffee maker, which makes you feel like a coffee chemist. This...

Popular Styles In Kitchen Design

Popular Styles In Kitchen Design
A modern kitchen is not just a place for cooking; aesthetics plays an important role here as well. In order to make this space balanced, we would like to...

Achieving a Greater ROI (Return On Investment) from Better Kitchen Design

Achieving a Greater ROI from Better Kitchen Design
There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to getting a great return on investment (ROI) from a renovation. How much money should you spend? Where...

The Feature Of Modern Kitchen Is Chairs

The Feature Of Modern Kitchen Is Chairs
Chairs are an essential element of any modern kitchen interior. They unite us during joint family dinners, at tea-time and friendly chat-ins. Moreover, this furniture item may have an...

The practical kitchen of stainless steel from Vipp

The practical kitchen of stainless steel from Vipp
The Vipp company has been widely known since 1939 thanks to their interesting kitchen and bathroom design solutions. Recently, designers have introduced a line of modern, practical and functional...

Stylish Kitchen Design From Leicht

Stylish Kitchen Design From Leicht
The kitchen manufacturing company Leicht has demonstrated its latest project. This time a stylish kitchen was created for the customer from Kaohsiung city in Taiwan. The modern residence was...

Kitchen Island – Modern ideas

Kitchen Island – Modern ideas
A kitchen island in the house gives you a lot of advantages, especially if you have an open kitchen-dining room combined with the living room. A kitchen island is...

Scandinavian-style kitchen design: useful ideas, rules and ways of decoration

Scandinavian stylekitchendesign:usefulideas,rulesandwaysofdecoration
If you would like to make a kitchen renovation and are fond of Scandinavian style, the given article is exactly for you! We have collected all the principles and approaches...

Country-Styled Kitchen: Special Aspects of Decoration

Country StyledKitchen:SpecialAspectsofDecoration
Easiness, naturalness and warmth are the key features that distinguish country style among others. The premises, decorated in rural style, will help to relax at the end of day,...

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