Modernism, Art Nouveau – artistic movement in the art, the most popular in the second half of the 19th and early 20th century. Art Nouveau refers to the Modernism, or, more precisely, is the part of it. Thus, Art Nouveau is taken lightly and the main attention is paid to the Modernism style. Although, it’s unfair. Art Nouveau deserves individual narration. This is decorative and ornamental style, which was borrowed from Japanese art. It is more than likely that the Art Nouveau style will be appreciated by nature lovers. This style is very suitable for the interior where all the elements seem natural and not artificial. The rejection from straight lines and angles in favor of more natural lines is the evidence. The design is full of climbing plants and images of female figures with flowing hair. In the Art Nouveau, as in Modernism, the line is the basis of the ornament, which perform stylistic function and embodies the beauty.

Art Nouveau Style Interior design ideas

The colors that exist in the nature and geometric shapes that form the natural patterns dominated in the Art Nouveau interior design. Zigzags, triangles, and ovals can embody such patterns. Also, a circle deserve a special attention. “The symbol of the sun” can be found in this design more often than other figures.

Art Nouveau interior design Living room with fireplace

Art Nouveau has found its expression in the architecture and townhouse. In such houses every detail is designed in the similar way. One of the graceful design method is a combination of the contrasting textures and materials – wood and stone, tiles and smooth plaster. Stylized floral patterns dominate in the furniture decoration (decorative line). At the same time, the constructive line is developed in a furniture where decor elements minimized. Furniture which is made of mahogany, ebony, cherry decorated with the frosted colored glass, mirrors, carvings, ivory inlays, pearl and such. The chair legs and back is adorn with ornaments. Satin and silk are used for upholstery. Lots of texture and refinement of the material are the special features of the style.

Art Nouveau Living room interior design

The colors and texture of the coverings, wrought iron, stained-glass windows and doors add dazzling elegance to the interior. Stained glass is the other feature of Modernism, which is not abstract, but figured glass paint. Ceramic tiles with the geometric floral ornaments are usually used for the walls and floors. Multi-level floors with the podium and stairs are also popular. The wallpapers with the patterns (vertical strip), decorative plaster, combination of the silk on the top and wooden panels below are often used for the wall decoration.

Art Nouveau nursery interior design

The lamps have the dome lights in the form of the flowers, for instance, buds. Chandeliers are usually hung on forged frame which is decorated with the iron sheets or primroses.

Art Nouveau style Bedroom interior design

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