We would like to introduce the design of a wooden house, which may also be described with the words «majesty», «vigour», «brutalism» and «coziness». The project was developed by Walton Architecture and called «Austin Cabin». The building is located at one of the county areas of Texas (the USA).


© Kat Alves

There is a forest around the house and it seems as if the construction is at the remotest wilderness of the forest and only simple people may live here. However, despite all of the severity and brutalism, as well as the size, the house seems very cozy. This feeling is mainly achieved by natural materials, such as stone and wood, as well as warm lighting and well-matched furniture and accessories.

austin-cabin-house-in-texas-upon-the-project-of-walton-architecture-3© Kat Alves

One of the main interior`s features is pendant wooden beams, which provide the feeling of monumentality and structural solidity. Massive wooden furniture was used in the interior as well; some of furniture items are aged and seem to have been  placed here several centuries ago. The big stone fireplace predominates in the living room`s interior and fills it with majesty and indestructibility.

austin-cabin-house-in-texas-upon-the-project-of-walton-architecture-7© Kat Alves

Plenty of fur, cow skin and skin make up the furniture`s upholstery  used in the interior as well. All lighting fixtures also have monumental and massive construction; some of them look like the wheels of the cart or something similar. The cabin`s owner is fond of hunting and this is reflected in such décor elements as horns and brain pans of wild animals.

austin-cabin-house-in-texas-upon-the-project-of-walton-architecture-1© Kat Alves austin-cabin-house-in-texas-upon-the-project-of-walton-architecture-4© Kat Alves austin-cabin-house-in-texas-upon-the-project-of-walton-architecture-5© Kat Alves austin-cabin-house-in-texas-upon-the-project-of-walton-architecture-6© Kat Alves austin-cabin-house-in-texas-upon-the-project-of-walton-architecture-8© Kat Alves austin-cabin-house-in-texas-upon-the-project-of-walton-architecture-9© Kat Alves austin-cabin-house-in-texas-upon-the-project-of-walton-architecture-10© Kat Alves austin-cabin-house-in-texas-upon-the-project-of-walton-architecture-11© Kat Alves austin-cabin-house-in-texas-upon-the-project-of-walton-architecture-12© Kat Alves austin-cabin-house-in-texas-upon-the-project-of-walton-architecture-13© Kat Alves austin-cabin-house-in-texas-upon-the-project-of-walton-architecture-14© Kat Alves austin-cabin-house-in-texas-upon-the-project-of-walton-architecture-15© Kat Alves austin-cabin-house-in-texas-upon-the-project-of-walton-architecture-16© Kat Alvesaustin-cabin-house-in-texas-upon-the-project-of-walton-architecture-17© Kat AlvesPhotos by Kat Alves