The Fusion style is considered as a real “bully” interior design. It combines things that are opposite at first sight. Fusion appeared in the 80s of the last century and after three decades has become incredibly popular. The other name of this style is Movement 8, because of the fact that well-known interior designer Antonio “Budji” Layug decided to unite with his colleagues and work on a new furniture design trend in Fusion style, which combine components from a lot of other styles. For example, they took a metal frame of the table, put wooden tabletop on it and decorate all with nacre. After some time Fusion completely spread over interior design. Eventually, the idea of combination things that are incompatible at first blush is very universal.

We have identified several characteristics of Fusion style, which will help you to be aware of the sense of these fancy words.

Fusion home design - bathroom

Pure Taste

Fusion is considered to be design style, seeing it was created by particular designer. Consequently, the formation of the overall composition is based only on emotions. Therefore, the key to success of Fusion style is the pure taste of designer.

The Fusion Style in Interior


This word refers to all components of the interior – the color, materials, shape, texture, structure. All together should create unity in domestic sphere – the decoration should look and feel in one way.

The Fusion Style in Interior - Kitchen

The Light of the Simpleness

Or in other words “organized mess” – is experiments with the most unusual decor, unexpected forms of furniture, new texture and fabrics. All of this should look a little luxury, so if Great Gatsby lives here nowadays.

Fusion light and design ideas

The Color Explosion

The main colors in the Fusion style are bright, these are: green, pink, turquoise, golden, red, yellow and orange. Additionally, it’s very important to consider the harmony of the shades combination.

Fusion interior design - kitchen and dining room

The Animatic Decorated Prints

The appearance of the Fusion in the Philippines has influenced its features. The direct nearness of the jungle has prompted creators of the Fusion to use plant patterns and animal motifs in African style.

Fusion interior design - living room

Rich Fabrics in Finishing

A Fusion textile in the interior plays one of the most important roles. Pillows with plant prints and Persian carpets perfectly fit in the original style.

Fusion living room design

The Sense of Proportion

Of course, this item could be combined with the notion about sense of taste, but it is a little bit different. After all, a designer could take a great interest and put too many furniture in the room. And even if they are stylish, it will be overabundanced. There is a very thin verge in the Fusion between the elegance and lack of taste, on which a designer should balance to create such interior.

Fusion interior design - furniture

Everything Combines

Everything is possible in Fusion style: pastel and bright colors, wood and metal of different shades and textures, all sorts of the most dissimilar prints. Can also be used a lot of the light sources at the same time, such as chandeliers, lamps, floor lamps, spot lights furniture and decor.

Fusion style interior design

The “Second Life” of Vintage and Antiques Things

The Fusion really likes old things, which exists side by side with the latest innovations of furniture design. This is a new look on the well-known truths that will always be actual. After all, the thing with some history is very attractive and has its own special energetics.

The Fusion style would be more familiar to young and creative people. That is why it will look great in the apartments of the artists, actors and other admirers of bohemian style.

    Fusion interior design - Vintage and Antiques Things

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