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Mani Tower House In Greece From Z-level Studio 2

Mani Tower House In Greece From Z-level Studio

This Z-level architect studio has implemented a unique project called Maina and is aimed at the renovation of the old tower in Greece. This tower is located in the old neglected settlement called Exo...
LuxuriousResidencyUponTheProjectOfZ levelArchitectureOnTheShoreOfAegeanSea

Luxurious Residence Upon The Project Of Z-level Architecture On The Shore Of Aegean Sea

This is a luxurious residence, located at Agios Fokas resort town, Lesbos Island, Greece, and created upon the project of Z-level Architecture for two brothers and their families. It is located at the fabulous place,...
Two villas on the Aegean coast

Two villas on the Aegean coast

Z-level Architecture studio has implemented the project Notre Ntam' on the southwest coast of the island of Lesvos, Greece. Two villas belong to two brothers and their families whose have accustomed to live in...

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