The architect Robert Konieczny and his team of KWK Promes studio has created a house with cantilevered second floor, intended for a young family in Katowice, southern part of Poland.

This two-story house accumulates all features of countryside real estate, namely: pitched roof, red brick walls and a large garage. However, it distinguishes itself among other ordinary buildings with its second floor, which is turned through 90 ° and is balancing above the garden.

Cantilevered House in Poland by Robert Konieczny 4

The cantilevered floor is supported by concrete walls, which are faced with mirror-like panels of stainless steel. They perfectly reflect the garden and make the house look transparent.

The first floor is occupied by the living room, kitchen dining room and garage. In order to keep the garden confidential, the designers have located this part of the house to be parallel to the road. The bedrooms are situated upstairs.

“We wanted to create the house as secluded as possible; therefore the ground floor was constructed to be parallel to the road. This approach helped to isolate the garden. At the same time we have turned the second floor through 90 °, this allows the access to the garden” , — stated Robert Konieczny.

Cantilevered House in Poland - dining room Cantilevered House in Poland - Living-Garden House Cantilevered House in Poland - place to relax Cantilevered House in Poland - white staircase Cantilevered House in Poland by Robert Konieczny 2 Cantilevered House in Poland by Robert Konieczny 5 Cantilevered House in Poland by Robert Konieczny Living-Garden House in Katowice - glass wall Living-Garden House in Katowice 2 Living-Garden House in Katowice

Photo: Jakub Certowicz, Olo Studio
Photos and info provided via submit form by ‘KWK Promes’ studio

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