Reykjavik-based Kjartan Oskarsson design studio has introduced the Halo lamp. It is an interactive light fixture with unusual switch, inbuilt into the model`s corpse. This light fixture is made of two disks, performed of wood and linked together with the leather strap resembling pulleys. Small upper disk acts as a holder, whereas the lower bigger disk, linked with it via the strap, is a light fixture itself.
Halo demonstrates a brand new connection between the object and its user. There are no visible controllers and dimmers, they are inbuilt into the model`s corpse and the lamp is transformed into the switch. In order to switch the light on and off and to regulate its brightness, it is necessary to shift the position of the leather strap.
If you wish to switch the light on or to make it brighter, you need to pull down from the right side. In order to minimize the amount of light or to switch Halo off it is necessary to simply pull the strap from the left. The light fixture is artificially made of either ash wood or white oak. The model is supplemented with photodiode source of light. It is necessary to add that Halo has even copped the special prize for commercial Launch Pad prototypes at the Wanted Design NYC 2015 exhibition.

Halo Lamp - Interactive Light Fixture 3

Halo Lamp - Interactive Light Fixture 2 Halo Lamp - Interactive Light Fixture 1

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