Last year Visionnaire company celebrated its 10th birthday. In that regard the company has introduced two new collections, displayed at the Milanese exhibition Salone del Mobile, which was held in April 2015. The first was designed by the Chinese architect Steve Leung and includes the following items: a wardrobe with different variants of facade finishing, tables and soft furniture. The collection was exhibited at Visionnaire show room in Milan.

The second set is performed in art-deco style. Several designers were involved in its creation, namely: Alessandro La Spada, Maurisio Manzoni and Domenico de Palo.

Art-deco is not just a furniture, it is a certain philosophy of interior decoration, which are congenial to us, — explains Eleonora Cavalli, the art-director of Visionnaire company. – Its outstanding features are simple forms, expensive materials and unified style in every item, starting from floor and ceiling to walls and curtains.”

Chairs Margaret, dining table Bullock - designers Roberto and Maurizio Manzoni Tapinassi, Visionnaire