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This residence is decorated by Tai & Architectural Design and located in Taipei (Taiwan). Nowadays, the prices for real property are very high in big cities. This makes purchasing of a house impossible for a young couple. Therefore, such category of people buys either small spaces and spends only small budget for their decoration, or just rent an apartment. This young couple has chosen the second option. They turned to architects asking to decorate this apartment in an unusual way. In accordance with the legislation, a rental apartment should be returned in the initial condition in 5 years, after the rental contract is finished. In order to comply with such terms, the architects have painted the walls in white and made the apartment light, pristine and more spacious. All communications under the ceiling were left unhidden. The décor is performed in minimalism style. The living room is conjoined with a dining room, whereas a kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a cabinet and a storage room are made isolated. All furniture items are free-standing; thus the dwellers may be able to use them at another residence after they will move out.

Photos by Kyle Yu