The designers of  Claesson Koivisto Rune have created rather original wooden furniture collection called «Wafer». Indeed, the design of «Wafer» furniture looks pretty close to the sweetness, familiar to us. The thing is that every item of this range is constructed of several layers with various wood materials, such as walnut and maple, which interchange and create dark and light lines. Despite rather complicated form and difficulty in production of some items, the designers succeed to meet the challenge thanks to the special processing technology, at which rough materials are processed by the computer-controlled machines. The furniture collection consists of three items: a chair, a side table and a shelf. All these items have rather elegant form and look very attractive.

Wafer furniture - a chair, a side table and a shelf

Wafer furniture - chair 1 Wafer furniture - chair 2 Wafer furniture - chair 3 Wafer furniture - chair 4 Wafer furniture - shelf Wafer furniture - side table

Photo Gallery: «Wafer» furniture