Halloween yard decorations don’t have to be pricey if you want them in your house. With the things around your house, you can make the decorations on budget. For first step, you can start gathering things you need from the warehouse. You will need several unused boxes, artificial pumpkin from cheap hobby shop, balloons, milk jugs, and other things you think you will use.

Halloween Decorations Ideas

Cheap Halloween Yard Decorations Ideas

Now you can make things from the unused things above. The unused boxes can be used as tombstone cemetery. Paint the boxes with grayish black color, then draw the words “R-I-P” on it. Repeat the steps to another boxes, then put them in your yard. Place the tombstone into path walk to welcome your guests. The artificial pumpkin is used to create Jack o’ Lanterns. Make sure you buy the one that can be reusable so you can re-use them again next year. Put several Jack o’ Lanterns in the windows to create eerie atmosphere.

You also can place flying and ground ghosts in your yard. Make your flying ghosts by blowing balloons. Draw the face with black marker, then cover them with gauze fabric. For the ground ghost, you can use milk jugs. Put them on your yard after draw the face. Now you have spooky yard decorations for halloween.

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