The members of the Pantone scientific center create new color solutions for interiors each year, focusing on the fashion trends. This article will provide you a brief description of the colors, which are the frontmost this year.


Rose Quartz

This soft tincture from the pink palette brings featheriness to the space, visually enlarges it and creates homelike and cozy atmosphere. It could be used for a dining room, bedroom, living room and many other premises. Having painted the walls in this color, you may create a neutral and relaxed background for the sophisticated interior. The furniture, made in this soft and gentle color, will perfectly fit in the light classic interiors or the premises, decorated in Provence style.

Rose Quartz could be easily combined with such trendy tones as Serenity and PeachEcho. Together with the pearly tone it seems to be more placative, whereas turquoise and pistachio green colors highlight its exquisiteness and beauty.

Peach Echo

This lively and cheerful tincture triggers positive emotions and creates cozy atmosphere, which suggests to the warm communication. The multifunctional Peach Echo color could be used in accentual details or serve as the main background. Accessories in peachpuff color are quite impressive in the light premises. In order to add some dynamism to the space you may paint the walls in this color. Light-beige details will help to soften its brightness a bit.

The trendy Peach Echo color will perfectly update the classic-styled interior. It matches well dark furniture items, as well as pompous ceiling lamps and elegant molding. It is recommended to be combined with other trendy colors: Lilac Gray, Serenity and Rose Quartz.

Serenity (Lilac Blue)

Soft Serenity color adds some airiness and tranquility to the space around. It could be used in a dining room, living room and rest room; it may defuse psychological tension there as well as create perfect conditions for the deep sleep.

This delicate color looks beautiful together with Rose, Lilac Grey and Peach tones. The relaxation effect may be easily achieved while combining it with the Snorkel Blue tincture. In order to create brisk and dynamic interior the Serenity color should be combined with elements of incarnadine and dark-beige tones.

Snorkel Blue

The blue color makes a calming impact by creating light atmosphere of serenity in the interior. It associates with a seashore and evokes dreams of exotic trips. The Snorkel Blue color conduces the decrease of appetite; therefore it is recommended to be used in the dining zone if one wishes to be clean-limbed.

In terms of a bedroom this color will create a serene atmosphere, perfect for relaxation. it is possible to paint one of the walls in a living room and thus to turn it into the central interior`s focus. The furniture of the Snorkel Blue tincture will perfectly supplement the rest area. It may become the main background in a bathroom and its delicacy could be highlighted by bronze and gold-plated accessories.

Snorkel Blue is in great harmony with tinctures of the beige range; thanks to such combination it is possible to create a noble and presentable atmosphere. If you wish to highlight the depth of this color, a bright tincture of Peach Echo could be of use, whereas the calm tone of Iced Coffee could soften the intensity of Snorkel Blue.


The Buttercup color will be perfect for creation of a dynamic and bright interior. It has a stimulating effect, tones up and fills with positive. You shouldn`t paint all walls in yellow tincture; it is recommended to be used in various details, such as textile, accessories and furniture.

This cheerful Buttercup will harmonically fit a dining room or a living room, where it will easily create jolly and relaxed atmosphere. Together with Snorkel Blue or Peach Echo tinctures this sunny tone will play with new bright colors. You may use the Iced Coffee tincture in order to balance the general composition.

Limpet Shell

The Limpet Shell color refreshes the interior, adds some dynamism to it and provides the relaxation effect at the same time. It reminds of the seaside holidays and therefore is perfect for the bathroom`s decoration. Here this tincture allows to easily create the summer sea spirit, especially in combination with the snow-white and light-beige details.

Limpet Shell color may be used in a dining zone and living room in various color combinations. For example, you may decorate the interior with light-green furniture or paint one of the walls with Limpet Shell tincture. A spring note may be added to the interior by combining this color with pale green tinctures.

Together with grey color Limpet Shell seems more austere and moderate; such color solution will be great for office`s space decoration. It looks especially noble when combined with chocolate tones. Such solution could be applied to the classic-styled living room. Tender green color goes well together with other trendy tinctures: Rose Quartz, Peach Echo and Iced Coffee.

Lilac Gray

This is a sophisticated combination of lilac and gray colors. Gentle soft tone is seamlessly integrated into the classic, Provence and many other designer solutions. Lilac Grey accessories will attract attention from the first glance and will become the most stylish design elements. By painting the walls in Lilac Gray you may place emphasis to the exclusiveness of classic design elements.

This tincture is in good combination with the soft Rose Quartz tone. Such combination looks incredibly gentle and sophisticated. In order to create the elegant interior, you should combine it with various colors, such as Serenity, Peach Echo and Iced Coffee.

Green Flash

The living Green Flash color will refresh the interior and create a festive mood. However, this intensive tincture requires moderate application. It is not recommended to totally paint the walls in it; it would be enough to decorate the premises with several details. Green Flash is the actual solution for premises in eco-style and rural manors, performed in country style. If you wish to lay emphasis on the natural tone, you may use wooden details of decoration.

Together with the Buttercup tincture the Green Flash color seems very sunny and optimistic. At the same time, while combined with the Limpet Shell color it looks very delicate and tender.

Cherished Gold

This tincture will be ideally suitable for decoration of classic premises. It fills the space with light and creates a warm and cosy atmosphere in it. The color of noble gold looks natural in luxurious palace styles. Thus, you may cover the walls with the golden paint and staircases. If you have hi-tech or modern style, it would be enough to use only several shiny details, which will create the cheerful atmosphere and add some brightness to the space.

Creation of stylish interior implies not only the use of actual colors, yet the knowledge of how to skillfully combine them. Using the creative imagination, it is possible to organize balanced and cozy space, where optimal conditions for work and rest are created.