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The hotel called Dragonfly was implemented in the mountains of the northern Sweden by Rintala Eggertsson Architects and was named for its shape. The house, designed for recreation and business meetings, has an area of 52 square meters and weighs 22 tons. It is worth noting that it was built on trees in the mountains in the north of the country in 2013.

The house is leased for short term and is ready to accommodate two couples or a large family with children. Dragonfly has got wooden frame and is faced with COR-TEN steel sheets which eventually become of rusty-brown color and merged with the forest. 15-meter ramp serves as main entrance. There are conference room for six persons, living room and two separated rooms for four persons. You can see an amazing valley underneath throw the panoramic windows. Shower, toilet, air conditioning and Wi-Fi provide guests with a full comfort. So dragonfly is one of six fantastic parts of Treehotel dedicated for true natural lovers and funs of unusual rest.

Photos by Peter Lundstrom