For everyone it’s such a pleasant to see his guests impressed by the house interior. For these reasons, lots of people choose neutral shades for living rooms, because they want to gratify a taste of everyone who enters the house. But have you ever thought about breaking the stereotypes and just make the interior of the living room dark? Someone could say it’s too gloomy. But designers claim that it is stylish!

Dark wood living room furniture

Such interior solution has one more important advantage – originality. One could appreciate the unique impression of even watching pictures of dark interiors.

Dark living room paint colors

In addition, such designing decision offers one more positive factor – even the most ordinary and plain furniture will look luxurious and chick against the dark background. And you can enhance the stunning effect with adding some fascinating art object or an interesting picture!

Dark living room walls

Living room designed in dark shades looks quite mysterious and at the same time it is a cozy place to retire. Unfortunately, such interiors won’t provide such effect to small spaces. But in any case, elaborate and skillful use of lighting can solve the problem of reducing the visual space. Moreover, dark deep shades such as black, chocolate, coffee, royal blue or burgundy look very elegant and bring special charm to an interior.

Dark shades for your living room interior - dark oak contemporary furniture

Designers have one more advice: use light or bright colorful elements to dilute the interior and make a living room in dark colors look harmonious. Also, a fireplace will look more impressive in the living room with dark wallpaper, furniture and decorations. Just imagine mysterious twinkles from reddish glow of the flame filling the room with a unique charm. You can look at photos of the dark interiors and decide if a palette of dark shades will suit your own design living room.

Dark shades for your living room interior – awesome gray and black living room

There are some specific principles of color designing

One should take into account the basic rules while determining the color palette of any premises.

  1. Dark colors could be basic in a large room, for example, for walls decorating. But this case the lighting must be considered very carefully to avoid creation of dark corners in the room. Also, it is better to decorate a living room with a small area with bright light colors and use dark colors only for details and accents. The ceiling should be as light as possible. One more useful tip: If you do want to decorate a living room which is not so spacious in dark palette – just increase its area combining it with a kitchen or a terrace.
  2. Wallpaper and furniture in dark shades are quite appropriate if living room windows overlooking the sunny side. Otherwise it is better to use a bright and warm palette for designing not to make a room look gloomy.
  3. It is quite important to include contrasting color combinations into the interior in a dark palette. In particular, white inclusions or pure bright colors could look very spectacular. Moreover, light furniture will look excellently against the background of the dark wallpaper and vice versa.

Dark shades for your living room interior – Beautiful Gray And Black Living Room

The palette of dark shades

Dark shades are primarily typical for living rooms in the classic English style. Here designers use wooden furniture in chocolate or coffee shades and textiles of precious deep colors, as bottle, cherry, royal blue and so on.

Dark shades for your living room interior – black living room

Various gold-plated décor elements, metallic threads of fabric and luxurious chandeliers with sparkling crystal pendants will look especially gorgeous in such interiors with dark wallpaper and furniture. Large mirrors in beautiful frames on walls could provide the living room with more light. In spite of dark palette of designing, such interiors are very cozy, comfortable and warm.

Dark brown living room ideas

If you want to create a living room in the minimalist or high-tech style then choose black, asphalt gray, muted dark green or dark blue and purple shades for finishing of walls and furniture upholstery. Moreover, these shades are perfectly combined with a cold metallic luster of details and glossy surfaces.

Dark shades for your living room interior – Cute Gray And Black Living Room

It is possible to create a very stylish interior by using only black and white palette. The best decorations for walls with self-colored wallpaper are different graphic paintings, black-and-white photos, or on the contrary flashy color spots. Modern LED lighting will look particularly impressive in such living rooms.

Living rooms with brown furniture

The loft style includes the same light palette. One of the most unusual features in the interior is combination of terracotta color of brickwork with the greyness of concrete and metal. The dark palette should be a little diluted with clean bright hues, as a rule. There are various photos of similar interiors in dark colors on the Internet, where you can see unusual ideas and design solutions.

Wall colors for living room with dark furniture

Interesting ideas for the living room in the dark colors

The first original idea is to use photo wallpapers with the scene matching the overall design of the living room as a decoration of the free wall. For example, this could be a fascinating and stylish view of a night city with glowing lights. An image of a city street in the retro style will emphasize the classic features of the interior. And for creating of futuristic atmosphere you can include some space patterns on wallpaper.

Living room ideas dark wood floor - brown living room decorating ideas Cream and brown living room ideas

If you want to create a totally unusual interior of the living room – here is the second idea. Black ceiling could be a tricky but appropriate designing solution! But you should take into account that the room height shouldn’t be less than three meters. However, glossy black ceiling resembles a kind of mirror, thus it could be used for smaller living rooms. It will reflect the furnishings and decorations of the interior making the room visually more spacious. The Internet easily provides everyone with numerous photos of living rooms in dark colors; therefore you can see in advance how one or another designing option will look in your apartment.

Dark living room lighting ideasDark shades for your living room interior - dark living room colors