A living room in the house is a place for rest and communication, and therefore neutral tinctures and colors are preferable here. Yet, some consider rest to be something active and dynamic. In such case unusual interiors of bright living rooms, filled with vividness and color, may be created. This is the only design, which can bring the feeling of holiday into your house, as well as cheer you up at any time of the year. Even in case you prefer warm and calm colors, this collection of photo ideas will be useful, as bright spots of any design are able to really lift the spirits.

1. Here is the example of neutral finishing of a living room with bright elements, which make this room lively and attractive. Unusual pillows and coverlets can truly enliven any sofa. It’s not required for them to have ornaments or be made of just one color. The floor with its emphasized texture deserves special attention. The small table is made of wood as well and doesn`t strike the eye at the first glance, as well as doesn`t distract from the bright elements. Yet, it will definitely be of interest to your guests at a closer look.

Bright Living Room 10 Ideas Which Will Suit Any Taste 1

2. Modern and stylish interior. The color of walls, floor and sofa are specially selected to be similar in order not to distract attention from the bright elements. If this room didn`t have sunny tinctures, the room would seem depressing. At the same time fuchsia tinctures bring the glamour into the luxurious environment. This is truly balanced interior.

3. Sometimes one bright emphasis in the room is enough and it can be the largest item, a sofa. It is important that the rest of the interior items have more calm and neutral colors. This interior is interesting and it may be done both in the style of the 60-s and in modern materials.

4. The secret of harmony in this interior is 3 colors and finding the right combination of their tinctures. The sofa was the center of the previous interior, whereas this time it is an arm-chair of unusual form and bright color. Your guests will definitely argue about who will be the first to sit here.

5. What about this solution? Such bright and extravagant wallpapers won`t become the background for the entire interior, as they are basically the center of  the entire room. However, pay attention to them and you`ll see that they cover only part of the wall!

6. This interior also has wallpapers with splendid and attractive ornament. Yet, unlike the previous living room, the wallpapers decorate the niche here, which visually distance them and draw no attention to them. Moreover, the color of the decoration harmonizes with the color of the main wall. All this allows one to add one more bright spot, namely the sofa, which would be impossible in the case of thee abovementioned room.

7. The design of this living room would have looked too bohemian and ostentatiously without these bright and modern lighting fixtures.

8. This room may be called simply: 50 tinctures of light-blue. Green and light-blue are closely connected with each other and call up images of an underwater world. Some may find such abundance of color excessive, yet have a look at the colors and you will be delighted with their appropriate selection!

9. Such an interior will pretty much fit the country summer house somewhere on the seashore. The flower at the corner looks rather funny and is similar to the one depicted in the drawing.

10. This interior is cozy thanks to the soft furniture with comfortable pretty pillows, as well as plenty of photo frames on the wall. Photos bring vividness to any interior. This is a truly beautiful room!

As you may see, it is not necessary to purchase all of the items of acid color at the store in order to create a bright interior. You may simply add a couple of bright and stylish elements to your living room and it will sparkle with new colors.