Usually, the designers of furniture focus their attention on comfort of their items. But the designer Haris Jusovic from Bosnia and Herzegovina demonstrates a completely different approach to this issue. Designed furniture items attract the view by its unusual appearance. And what about convenience? Who knows, may be, it is comfortable enough to sit on these chairs…. That’s not the point.
Creative furniture by Haris Jusovic throws down a challenge to the established stereotypes. As it turns out that such a mundane item as a chair, can be mixed with, it would seem totally inappropriate object – a retro telephone. How about a chair that imitates a cracked egg shell with its flowing out content? Chair – a melting chocolate bar? Chair-butterfly, chair – basketball? It seems that there is nothing impossible for the creator from Sarajevo, and one can only greet his striking imagination.

Chair butterfly - Greetings from Flower

Chicken Chair Chocolate factory Chair My secretary Chair Shut up Coach! Chair

Photo Gallery: Amazing stylized furniture by Haris Jusovic