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The owners of this house in Argentina wished to have an area for residing at various seasons. The house`s planning should include the main bedroom, two children rooms with several beds and a guest room. Each of the premises is equipped with a separate bathroom. The living room is integrated with a spacious kitchen. The owners also needed a space for items storage and a half-covered garage. Architects from Luciano Kruk Arquitectos studio envisioned this space as a compact volume, located at the existing clearing in the wood.

The main rooms were placed at the highest point of the landplot and have good outlook and options for expanding by means of the terrace. The first floor allocates the garage, the storage zone and guest`s sector. After going up the concrete staircase, a person will enter a zone of bedrooms and bathrooms. The living room overlooking the two sides of the building has an entrance to the terrace. The main bedroom is located at the back of the building and leads to the small observing point as well.

The house is built of two main materials: exposed concrete and glass. The furniture contains some concrete elements, except for a double bed, arm-chairs and chairs. Moreover, the interior scene in the guest room and children’s bedroom is partly performed of perforated corbel back slab.

Photos by Daniela Mac Adden