While implementing the project of this apartment`s decoration the AKTA studio`s representatives strived to create a modern residency, being in concordance with the old city of Vilnius, Lithuania.


© Leonas GarbačauskasThe architects have designed sophisticated and exquisite interior for this apartment of 67 sq. meters. Its basis is formed by monochromic tincture of walls, which amplifies the colour of certain details and allows emphasizing pieces of art. Cold grey tones are balanced with red and blue velvet furniture`s upholstery and are supplemented with graphic emphases of metal doors.

interior-of-the-apartment-in-vilnius-6© Leonas GarbačauskasThe whole apartment`s blocks are decorated in a single style. Thus, one wall in the bedroom is painted in the same colour as wardrobes in the dining room. Bathroom furniture`s elements follow the details, used in the living room. Wooden floor ornament refers to local traditions and reminds of the Soviet-period parquet. At the same time, the TV stand is of the same material and looks ironic due to unusual application of habitual material.

interior-of-the-apartment-in-vilnius-2© Leonas Garbačauskas interior-of-the-apartment-in-vilnius-3© Leonas Garbačauskas interior-of-the-apartment-in-vilnius-4© Leonas Garbačauskas interior-of-the-apartment-in-vilnius-5© Leonas Garbačauskasinterior-of-the-apartment-in-vilnius-7© Leonas Garbačauskas interior-of-the-apartment-in-vilnius-8© Leonas Garbačauskas interior-of-the-apartment-in-vilnius-9© Leonas Garbačauskas interior-of-the-apartment-in-vilnius-10© Leonas Garbačauskas interior-of-the-apartment-in-vilnius-11© Leonas Garbačauskas interior-of-the-apartment-in-vilnius-12© Leonas Garbačauskas interior-of-the-apartment-in-vilnius-13Photos by Leonas Garbačauskas