The apartment attracts attention by its simple but warm and comfortable design. It’s situated in a small modern two-story building in the suburb. Light rustic elements successfully suit to the cozy atmosphere, but in this case they are modernized and improved in order to match the criteria of the 21st century.

Spacious living room is a joint area with kitchen and dining zone, which is fully decorated with natural wood. Although, the project creators didn’t support the owners, who dreamed about the wall panels that simulate a log. The same material as flooring was used for the walls – such trick visually increase the surface area. Using laminate for walls isn’t unusual method. It applied in order to achieve practicality, environmental friendliness, comfort and originality.

Ceiling is supplemented with beams, but in this case it isn’t rough and crude log, which are used in rustic style. It’s neat and symmetrical beams with smooth surface. The shape of the ceiling creates the illusion about remote country house, allowing to forget that it’s only apartment in two-story building.

Modern Apartment in Switzerland - Ceiling is supplemented with beam

The kitchen area is decorated with silver panel that emphasize the modernity and convenience of this important area. All needless things are hidden in closets, which built into the walls and due to the absence of handles are visually lost.

Modern Apartment in Switzerland - Kitchen and dining room

In the cozy little bedroom designers continue their work with mentioned style. The walls and ceiling are decorated on exactly the same principle as in the living room. Despite the use of dark wood during finishing, the small room doesn’t seem grim thanks to elaborate lighting.

Modern Apartment in Switzerland - Contemporary Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

The bathroom is adjacent to the bedroom area. Small room space racked designer’s brains during the arrangement. As a result, designers refused from the bathtub and preferred the shower with the glass transparent barriers. The shower was lifted on the sufficiently high podium, therefore it has allowed to save more space not only visually but also in fact. Moreover, there is a storage for necessary things under the podium.

Modern Apartment in Switzerland - Modern Bathroom Design

Hanging bath equipment is the second effective way to save the space. Large vessel sinks don’t need much space, because the vanity unit on which they are installed soars in the air. This trick, as well as the hanging toilet, saves floor space, whereby the room doesn’t seem close and cluttered. Sinks made of artificial stone. This material weights less than the original, hasn’t pores which absorb the dirt, and is much cheaper.

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