There is lonely house that is seemed about to fall on the rocky coast of the Atlantic Ocean. You can come here and think about flight of life. Its minimalistic design is doubly compensated by unbelievable beauty of the surrounding nature. Architectural Studio MacKay-Lyons Sveetapple Architects has designed and realized the building of the Cliff House, which is situated on the rocky coast of Nova Scotia (Canada). The house was built in this way that only a small part of it touches the ground, meanwhile the rest of the house is hanging in the air. The building is supported by crossed steel beams. Because of the small budget, the main material was cedar – inexpensive but durable tree. Moreover, its wood is resistant to frequent weather changes (freezing and thawing) that take place in the region. The building is 108 square yards in area. The internal layout is quite simple. The house has two floors. A living room and dining room with wood-burning stove is situated on the first floor and a bedroom – on the second. Also, Hermit House has panoramic windows, thus the result of optimal natural light has been achieved.

Cliff House - design ideas

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