Kitchen is one of the most important room of the house, therefore it’s quite important for it to be not only comfortable and user-friendly, but to demonstrate unique style. This article will describe 10 ideas for kitchen design, which will be in trend in 2015. It’s not necessary to implement all of them; however one or two would be enough to make your kitchen look stylish and up-to-date.

1. Changing white to grey

If you still deliberate about the color of kitchen facades, you should consider grey. Nowadays white color takes the leading position in the market, yet kitchen furniture producers state that grey color is one of its main rivals. The second modern trend in kitchen’s decor is to combine several quiet colors in one ready-made kitchen. For example, you may use grey and deep brown for that.

Kitchen and dining room - gray and rich brown

2.  First-place reliability and performance

Nowadays it is necessary to pay attention not only to the color of facades while renovating kitchen. You should take into account reliability and usability of furniture as well. Wardrobes, which are opened with one button down and not to the side, but upwards, are the innovation of the year and are a good solution for small kitchen.

Blum fittings technology

3. Black-and-white combination

This colors combination would never be out of trend thanks to its contrast and originality. Varnished white kitchen from IKEA is a good example, as it looks bright and stylish while combined with the black tabletop. At the time, the floors of natural wood may smoothly soften general contrast of the room.

Kitchen and dining area in the Black and White style

4. Colorful wash-basins

Wash-basins also change their standard black or metallic color. They are gradually replaced by bright models, allowing to add more color to the neutral interior, and are rather popular nowadays.

Kitchen Design Ideas - Fresh Hues for Sinks

5. Ceiling lamps with unusual design

Peculiar ceiling lamp is another perfect variant for creation of unique and impressive kitchen. You can set a cut-glass chandelier or use a big model of laconic design. Both variants would be impressive!

Kitchen and dining room in the Classic Style, Contemporary

6. Mirrored tiles

They help to enlarge the premises not only visually, but  to create additional luxury and glamour inside. It is definitely a sure-fire way!

Kitchen and dining room in the Country Style, Contemporary

7. The maximum of smart storage possibilities

It would be a big mistake to buy furniture of conventional type, where the wardrobe space is used irrationally, especially if you have small kitchen. You should definitely choose the models with smart storage function.

Kitchen pantry for kitchen storage solution ideas

8. Automation as the guarantee for comfort

Nowadays it is quite easy to create up-to-date kitchen at own home. To achieve this you may use touch-sensitive lighting, which is automatically turned on as someone enters the room, as well as touch-sensitive water taps, thermometers for cooking of meat, able to send ready signal directly to your smartphone. All this stuff will make you life pleasant and easy.

Motion Sense kitchen faucet

9. Cost-effective tabletops

There is a new level of laminate application nowadays. It is one of the most used materials for kitchen premises` decor. This is not surprisingly though, as modern technologies are able to improve laminate’s quality and save your money. Granite- or marble-imitating laminate would be a viable and profit making option.

Inspirations Kitchen Laminated Countertop Design

10. Quartz materials in kitchen

Along with marbled or laminated tabletops, quartz models are quite popular these days. Their advantages are the following: immunity to high temperatures, scratches and damages; moisture resistance and stylish appearance.

 Kitchen and dining area - Quartz Countertop

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