Initially, the project authors have learnt the idea of creating this unusual interior from TV. But it doesn’t mean that they watched TV programs about design. They reflected the television’s transformation from monochrome to color. It resulted in combination two eras, two spirits, two technologies in one room. Thus, there have appeared a lot of interesting ideas that can be useful for the home design.

The cozy living room joined with the library, kitchen and dining room is on the first floor. So designers decided to turn everything upside down during choosing materials for finishing. In some places the walls adorned with the wood, and the floor is decorated with the brick. Of course, it isn’t the ordinary brick, but special tiles that imitate old-fashioned masonry. Diagonal arrangement of rectangular tiles visually increases the floor and the space.

Design Ideas for the Comfort and Coziness

At first sight the variety of materials used in the living room seems too wide. However, all of them complement each other and don’t create the sense of chaos and disharmony in this particular case.

Special attention should be paid to the kitchen. At first glance you will have an impression of simply designed manager office. Proper black color is supplemented with bright spots, white ceiling and elaborate zonal illumination.

Design Ideas for the Kitchen

Sustainable chairs with metal legs surround massive wooden table. In addition, there is a small suspended fireplace. Fireplaces of this kind don’t require frequent duel loading. Thanks to the sealed furnace and a special mechanism, there is long smoldering which provide warmth and decorative effect for several hours.

Bedroom in brown shades is located on the second floor. For some people, brown hue may seem dark and gloomy, but actually, this color creates cozy and soft atmosphere. Besides here is mirror wardrobe that not only increases the comfort but also visually expands the space.

The bedroom adjacent to the bathroom, but designers didn’t adjoin them in a single are, as can be found in the modern interiors. The bathroom has large window that transforms it into a place for relaxation in the ambience of the nature. Designers used tiles in various patterns for the walls and floor. However, it doesn’t seem like quilt – all look stylish and harmoniously. Moreover, there are everything you need for procedures: washbasin, bathtub and shower cubicle.

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