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Manshausen is a stand-alone world, a small island surrounded by picturesque nature of Norway. Stinessen Arkitektur project bureau has put in life an idea of plain but cozy dwellings for tourists. Three freestanding guest constructions were erected on a stone quay; each of them is built in a special way, which creates conditions for privacy and the Barents Sea views enjoyment.

The main house is located in the deep of the island; it was built as far back as 1800 and reconstructed to be compliant with its new functions. Currently it includes a kitchen and a dining room at the first floor and a spacious library upstairs. There are special sections for clothes and sports equipment storage in the rooms. A bathroom, a sleeping place and a kitchen are available here as well. The houses may encompass up to 5 guests. The main construction and facing material used is wood, supplemented with panoramic glazing. Thus, the guests of Manshausen may enjoy outdoors rest and be carefully protected from the foul weather.

Photos by Siggen Stinessen