Well-known model construction system “Meccano” has got its transformation in the line of home furniture “Meccano Home”. The idea of creating furniture in the form of construction toys belongs to Vincent Boutillier and Christophe Piquemal, who together with Cecilia Makowski and Thomas Hourdain realized a project «Meccano Home». You can create unlimited amount of furniture combinations if you have such construction and a certain degree of imagination. Also, it allows you to save money during finishing works, because some tricks with furniture arrangement can replace complex decorative elements in the design.
But even this is not the most important thing. The benefit of the “Meccano Home” furniture is a childhood feeling when you assemble the construction model by yourself. During assembling “Meccano” furniture, you feel the same feelings and nostalgia. Thus, any fan of the construction toys could create a stylish unusual interior in his apartment, which will surprise all the guests. Moreover, the “Meccano Home” can be used in the office design. This collection contains all the necessary elements for the stylish office design. You are able to create almost everything with a wide range of “Meccano” elements. For example, it’s possible to assemble coffee tables, desks, chairs, wardrobes, cabinets, racks and a lot of other furniture.