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The Studio Farris Architects company has developed a small Belgian barn into the unusual space, serving as an office, a conference hall and a library at the time. The original façade was reconstructed and the internal finishing was kept to a minimum, taking the clean shapes to the foreground. The interior is based on the Box-in-a-box system; it allowed to increase the efficiency of energy use and to avoid chemical charge with the ground and old walls. The main space`s element is an independent furniture item; its shape reminds of the building`s history and rural surroundings. This complicated volume made of wooden beams turns the premises into a functional office. Parts of different length are piled in a way, which forms different spaces. They create several working zones upstairs, able to allocate two tables. The lower platform provides the place overlooking the landscape. The beams are used as the library`s shelves and a reading zone.

Photos by Koen Van Damme