An amusing piece of furniture was designed and made by Michael Kushner. Watching sufferings of drunken visitors of the bar, trying to keep shaky balance on usual chairs, he got an idea. What it will be if to equip the chair with the absorbing system, which will damp the amplitude of the swaying pretty drunken person?
The Skoki Chair consists of two parts: jointed with cross metal legs and seats with a backrest. But the main feature of the chair design is a way of attaching legs to the seat. Between these parts there are four springs, which, in fact, undertake unwanted vibrations.

Designer: Michael Kushner

Skoki Chair 1

Skoki Chair 2 Skoki Chair 3 Skoki Chair 4 Skoki Chair 5 Skoki Chair 6

Photo Gallery:  Skoki Chair by Michael Kushner