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This apartment is located at the historical center of the city and used to be an industrial premise. Later it has been turned into a cozy apartment in minimalism style thanks to efforts of Tatiana Nicol, the designer. It is important to note that houses of Victorian style are famous for their massive beam-and-girder floors. Therefore ceiling beams become the core element of the given interior. The partition wall with book shelves has the same shape.

Vertical and horizontal lines harmonically complement each other. The furniture set has the same plain geometry. There is a large corner sofa, as well as a long chest of drawers and a coffee table at the rest zone. All these furniture items are rectangular and have no excessive decoration. There is also a kitchen-dining room in the apartment. A dining room and kitchen furniture are permormed in the minimalism style as well. No more complicated forms and volumes!

The interior’s main colour palette is light tinctures, namely white, grey and ivory. Such palette helps to visually enlarge the small space and is a perfect background for bright décor. It includes bright book cover in the living room, textile on the sofa, a picture and outstanding torchiere on the bureau. The bright emphases in kitchen are represented by copper lighting fixtures and colourful kitchen implements. The bedroom looks bright due to vivid pictures in the niche near the bedside, as well as living windows and bed textile. Such wonderful contrast of bright inclusions enlivens the modest atmosphere.

Photos courtesy of Tatiana Nicol