Fiesta decorations mean you will have a Spanish themed party. Fiesta party is known with its bold and vibrant color that surprisingly match and fit each other perfectly. It’s actually hard to work with bold color since we tend to be afraid the color won’t be match and turns out tacky. Don’t be afraid. Let yourself do some experiments with color by folding and patching colorful tissue paper decoration everywhere.

Fiesta party decorations

Fiesta Decorations Tips

You may need many rolls of crepe and tissue paper. To make decoration in the invitations, cut them in some pattern, maybe fringes, and patch them to the invitation cards. If you use bright color for the cards, choose the crepe paper with similar vibrant mood to make it look colorful and bright. Use Spain’s national flower, red carnations, to decorate the party or make the centerpieces along with red roses, spanish bluebells, and lilies.

You can hang some pinatas to lighten up the fun mood. Put many candies in it and let the children playing with the pinata to gather the sweets they have from hitting it. Hang several paper box lanterns tied with ribbons and several paper flowers. The foods and beverages must have spanish touch, such as pina colada, margaritas, tortilla chips,  tacos, lemonades, and many more. Now you have a perfect decorations for Spanish Fiesta.

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