The opulent Kensington Place apartment is the perfect example of how it is possible to create a luxurious interior whilst remaining humble in design execution. Casa Forma were tasked with this project to redesign the existing apartment, located in central London in the luxurious and expensive Kensington. The client preferred to purchase the best materials and furniture, however he didn`t want to turn the interior into an embodiment of pathos and glitzy luxury. The designers had 420 square meters to bring to life with rich materials, modern design and a focus on style over decadence. You can see the stunning results below.

Kensington Place - Living room design ideas

© Casa Forma

At first they redesigned the apartment`s entertaining and shared areas. To create an open feeling to the space they removed the walls in the kitchen, dining room, living room and the lounge to create a sumptuous open space. This approach created the effect of a gallery, decorated in a unified style. Materials for finishing were brought from all over the world: parquet planks arrived from Italy, marble sinks were delivered from Greece, ceilings and lighting were custom-built by a German company. The furniture was manufactured mainly by the best producers of England, with some key pieces created by Italian craftsmen.

Kensington Place - Living room Luxury interior© Casa Forma

Plenty of light enters the rooms though panoramic windows and the designers designed to help create a warm evening night with thick satin curtains. Unfortunately, there isn`t any information as to the amount of money spent by the client for Kensington Place’s decoration. However it is obvious, that these type of luxury interiors are rather costly.

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