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Vedbaek House II project was performed by Norm.Architects studio and is a plain private house at the coastal area, north of Copenhagen. The fisherman`s cottage, constructed at the beginning of XX century has been renovated and decorated in the minimalism style. The architects strived to keep the romantic outlook of the house; therefore, the façade was restored in its original shape. However, the interior was significantly changed in order to make the residence modern and functional. Some elements and materials were kept unchanged though, including the wooden floor on the second level, some doors, ceiling beams and a staircase. The ornament, panels and other finishing and décor elements were replaced by minimalistic solutions.

The architects had to remove some walls in order to enlarge the space and fill it with light and air. Old floors from the first lever have been replaced by oak parquet. In order to integrate the kitchen into the architectural concept an additional plasterboard construction was created. A tabletop of the kitchen island is made of massive oak as well. There is an entrance to the garden from the kitchen. The architects added two doors and the premise have become lighter, and the owners now may enjoy their breakfast outside in the nature. The architects have also added one internal window, connecting the living room and dining room.

The second floor accommodates a small children room and a bathroom, as well as a spacious bedroom with another bathroom and a wardrobe room, occupying the mansarded space at the end of the corridor, where the ceiling height is equal to 4.5 m. The minimum amount of furniture has been used in order not to overburden the space and furnish it with only necessary and simple decor elements.

Photos by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen