Dutch company Sunshower Medical operates at the unique marketing segment, namely the development of home shower solariums. All manufactory efforts are concentrated on creation of the most comfort conditions for home usage of medical ultraviolet and infrared radiation.

Sunlight is the most important component of our health, it generates energetic renewal. It is quite useful for health to have a metered sunbath several times a week on regular basis. Sunshower could easily provide this. Metered in the right way, in small portions, ultraviolet stimulates the body to produce vitamin D and reinforces the immune system. And what is the result? You would feel yourself more energetic and would have healthy and summer skin color all the year.

Sunshower releases a low amount of UV light

At the same time warm infrared color relaxes, improves blood circulation and kills the pain. Infrared radiation facilitates recovery of damages as well as kills the pain after sports practice. You could also recreate at your personal infrared sauna at your bathroom after athletics or intense walk.

Bathroom used to serve only as intended, but nowadays it is a space to relax. Shower solarium turns any bathroom into real Wellness center.

Sunshower is especially designed for setting-up at moist zone that is why you can take a shower and a sunbath at the same time. Sunshower edition exhibits functions of both ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Protective glass is white and is framed with thin aluminium section, due to which it is possible to install the equipment both on ceramics and apace with a wall.