Eclectic is a favorite style of miscellaneous people who are fond of unusual and diversified things, who like to combine incongruous details and astonish everyone around. Such mixed style of dwelling decoration is preferred by people, whom it is hard to choose between several styles. They would like to have in home decor the elements of various styles, which are usually hard to combine.
The owners of this house, located at France, travel pretty often and bring home souvenirs from all over the world. They prefer cozy and calm atmosphere and have lots of things, necessary to be stored. Getting familiar with the owners, the architect and designer Thomas Boog have agreed that eclectic would be the style that suits this house perfectly.

Small living room has incorporated all the things necessary for enthusiastic people. Collection of overseas and marine souvenirs and presents could be easily found at cute canterburries with glass doors. Other interesting items are placed on the floor, on open shelves and walls.

Eclectic house - living room

Typical color range of garnish is beautified by bright orange spots, namely chairs and a stylish lamp, performed in a way of natural snag from deep forest. The fireplace creates cozy atmosphere and the large mirror neutralizes the sense of squeeze.

The dining room and the kitchen are situated at next-door premises, also filled with plenty of souvenirs and original decor elements. Guests would not be bored here, as there is always something to be engaged in while the owners make preparations for delicious meal.

The bedroom found its place at the second floor and is deprived of superfluity. The room`s finish is performed in mild color range, providing special atmosphere for calm and proper rest. There is a spacious wardrobe with a shelf at the bed`s headboard. Such decoration approach helps to significantly broaden storage places due to the use of upper space. It is quite convenient to keep seasonal clothes and linen at the upper shelves. Such relaxed atmosphere and mild tones also prevail at the bathroom, adjoining the bedroom.

Eclectic house - bedroom

The small classic retro-styled bed is placed at the first guest bedroom. Its feature is a light baldaquin. Coffers, intended for linen and clothes storage, also give accent to the atmosphere. There is also a little bathroom with a shower area and a sink nearby. Its marbled walls are heightened with stylish black-and-white decor.

The other bedroom is decorated in rural style. Coarse ceiling beams give accent to the chosen style and create the atmosphere of rural house.

All premises of this house are different, but at the same time they are all united by the mixed style, which is a perfect solution for those, who are fond of everything.

Eclectic house - bedroom is decorated in rural styleEclectic house - bathroom Eclectic house - dining room Eclectic house - first guest bedroom Eclectic house - kitchen

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