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The K.O.T Project studio has developed the space of apartments of 138 sq. meters in Tel Aviv (Israel). Their owners are a fashion designer and his partner, who asked for functional and spacious premises with plenty of space for items storage. The architects have designed one unlimited space at the lower level and erected a steel construction for a premise of 40 sq. meters at the upper floor. Thuswise, 74 sq. meters of the first floor are occupied by an opened living room, a kitchen, sanitary facilities, as well as the main bedroom with a bathroom, a toilet and a shower room.

The upper level has an entrance to the balcony on the roof, apart from that it contains an additional living room, a kitchen with small dining table, a guest bedroom and sanitary facilities. One of the most notable elements of these apartments is a sliding door wardrobe of L-shape, rising up from floor to ceiling and visible from any point of the apartment. It is constructed of bamboo panels, which are divided from the floor and the ceiling by aluminum section. The emphasis in this interior is placed on the natural illumination, connecting the internal shared zones with the private ones. The designers had carefully selected items for decoration, such as leather arm-chairs iron frame, produced in 1970s, glass tables, old lamps from Athens, handmade carpets, Missoni-made textile, a clay pot from Tibet, oil paintings from a private collection and many others.

Photos by Gidon Levin