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The architects of Onion bureau have put in life the project of a private house in Cha-Am city, Thailand. The residence`s square is 435 sq. meters; it belongs to a family with four children and is used as a rest house on the seashore. The architects were asked to create something unusual, fun-oriented, looking like one large playground. It is allowed to run, hide, swing, climb the surfaces and even to fall here. The Onion studio took a series of “Tom and Jerry” cartoon as a basis. If this house was a dwelling of Jerry, it would look like a giant piece of cheese, protecting from the cat. This is how the project`s name is explained.

The main challenge in this case was not only the interactive nature of the house, yet creation of vertical circulation, which is needed for central hall, staircases and a ramp. In order to create five horizontal flats, different volumes and heights the architects used nets. These are the components of the living room, occupying three levels at a time. A range of holes on several levels unites it with other rooms in the house. Thus, it is possible to jump out of such window at the children`s room at the fourth level and to immediately appear downstairs. The most important thing is that this is absolutely safe and fun. Sleeping accommodations are decorated in an unusual way as well. They are located in niches and connected by tunnels.

Special attention is paid on colors. Whole space of the dayzone is decorated in white, including the main hall, a living room, a dining room and corridors leading to the swimming pool and technical premises on the first floor of the house. Bedrooms are painted in different colors, from mustard-yellow in the parent`s room to bright-violet in the guest room. Tunnels and bedrooms for two sons are covered with light-blue paint, whereas the bedrooms of other children are painted in green.

Photos by Wison Tungthunya